Saturday, 28 February 2015


JOSS LIKE THAT ANOTHER WEEK ZOOMS BY! Before you know it it'll be new years eve and you'll be slightly fatter and older with fuck all to show for it.

ANYWAY my mum got me a cactus. That's alright innit, like legit grown man shit. or is it cacti because there is a few in this pot. Who knows about this shit? Are they gonna grow bigger?

Me and Nico did a set supporting Flava D inside Sophbeck this weekend. Young Josh Willis was slopped off inside. Long time wickedlander, I can't believe how grown up this guy looks now. Smoking big boy fags and all sorts.

A couple cat drawings in this shop window. People like cats on the internet right? I'm just giving the people what they want.

Me and Tom went down to London to stay with Jamie. We went out and about with Jamie, Ben and Ben's girl Rebecca. Before petting a big dog in the street Jamie took us to this mental bar with skulls and snakes and stuff. We've lost him.

A fun game you can play with yourself in London is 'Cool or Mental'. It's pretty self explanatory 

Natalie got the biiiiiig Mexican spread on the go for the boys. Tacos and fajitas. We were sipping these Mexican mojitos too. It was all fucking brilliant haha. I really miss my sisters cooking bad.

This logo is absolutely great, isn't it? I love shit like this.

We met up with SPT and Dwayne and went to this bowling place. We didn't actually get to bowl as all the lanes were taken but we sat down, drank loads of pints really fast and talked about fantasy football and Drake. It was cool.

I'm pretty sure fashion is just wearing a coat made of that shit marathon runners wear when they finish a race haha.

This is cool, in the lobby of my building. The people vs the CCTV company! They're moaning about big shit being dumped by the bins. The wardrobe is mine, my bad. Fuck them man, we make the rules round here. Not these CCTV wankers.

Olly came through with the Papa Johns pizza voucher. Love that. I was sat at my desk and I used a telephone to just ring someone else and cook me the lunch I wanted and bring it to me. That's good isn't it. Once people just sat in caves and killed each other and shit. Now I used an invention to get someone to make me lunch and bring it right to me, in about 15 minutes. for no money. What a time to be alive.

I hope you all have a good (rest of the) weekend! Cheers for popping by!

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