Thursday, 12 February 2015


Yooooo Wickedlanders what's going on? I was thinking the other day about night as a concept, and like what it means in culture. Like it's pretty cool that the whole world goes dark for like half of the time in a day, basically rendering one of your senses useless. It's pretty cool the way that 'night' is synonymous with the underworld and a wealth of criminal activity. The whole 'creature of the night' thing, like how the same space can be completely different when the lights are turned off.

There is a new Morrisons local on Market street near the McDonalds. I've never warmed much to Morrisons and I figured this could be the thing that ends the war. 

It's pretty sick you know. They've got a salad bar, a fresh bake section with sweet stuff and savoury pastries and a bunch of other cool shit.

All in all it's pretty good but it closes at 8pm. I can only hope that's gonna change in the near future, it's unacceptable. 8pm when there is a Tesco that serves the same purpose 100 yards away that's open until 11pm is ridiculous.

Being pissed in Mcdonalds is always a good laugh. This was after that house party I shot my recent music video at. Didn't actually get any photos from the party, but scroll down to check it out haha.

Me and Brad saw P Reign at Republic. We've been to a few of these midweek American PAs at Republic recently. They're always pretty fun but we always go sober or not really drinking much. For some reason I thought it would be a wicked idea to get blind drunk before going. I was completely hammered and don't remember much of the night.

P Reign knows about Wickedland. He was like 'I love your fucking blog! Me and Drake read it all the time!' I was like fuuuuuck man, chill out. 'Put me on the blog! Put me on the blog!' chill man.

I'm getting into sweet potato fries at the minute. I made this chicken, veg and sweet potato fries. Thing is when I'm conscious that the things I'm eating are healthy I go fucking mental and pile the plate as high and heavy as I can. In my mind it's like aaaaah it's ok! It's all good for you! 

Jimlad and Frank enjoying a lovely little Nandos the other day.

Lol big up all the road men and the trappers

Standard Wickedland Pete, this guy is a fixture now. It's weird to think that he's made Wickedland more times than Birdman isn't it? Like when a new striker comes along and smashes the stats of some guy you view through rose tinted glasses from the 90s. Oh shit ok, Pete scored more goals per game than Birdman. Who knew.

This guy made me laugh. His pose and everything is like if I looked into my minds eye to draw a cartoon of a traffic warden he is pretty much perfect. I might draw him.

This little spot of spray paint on the floor near my flat has been there about a week. I cannot capture in a photograph how bright and lovely it is. It's fully fluorescent and everything else this time of year is completely dull and grey. I've really enjoyed seeing it on my walk to and from the office every day and I've been thinking I can't take a photo and write about it on my blog, yet here I am haha. I want you all to see it in the flesh, it's so nice. 

Yesterday was my birthday! Natalie sent me this little personalised cake through the post, pretty fun. It came in a little box with a candle, a party blower thing and some balloons so I might have a little one man birthday party later.

That's all your Wickedland for the week. I might draw that fat bloke over the weekend. I might not, who knows, the future is a mystery. Thanks for coming by!

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