Monday, 22 August 2016


Yo whats goood. A little time warp episode, a load of stuff from a couple of weeks ago.

Standard dogs with sunglasses appreciation.


bad signage.

Worse signage.

I love this throw up. CNBs got some amazing little bits down Narborough Road. This is one of my favourite things in Leicester.

Whatever Video Box on Narborough Road become is closing down. That shop is so fucking mental isn't it? Like even before hard copies of movies were completely dead they had given up, the shop was always such a complete mess and the employees were arseholes.

They were selling a load of other shite outside the shop (kids toys and so on) and nothing had prices on. There was a sign saying to make an offer. They had a load of little kids bikes, and me and Darryl wanted to buy 2 of them to fuck around on hahaha. The blokes were sooooo difficult. We went in, pointed to them and asked how much they were and they said to make an offer. We said a fiver and these guys said to bring the bikes in. They couldn't see. They could see. Anyway, we took them in and both of them scoffed and said these bikes were worth at least £40 each. They were pieces of shit. Why say 'make us an offer' if you're gonna have a go when people do? Haha they've both been such cunts for years, I'm glad they're losing their jobs.

HQ turned 4! We had some ridiculous birthday cake to celebrate. 4 years!

The worst signage!

Zarcone's chip shop on Narborough Road has closed down too! A cornerstone, something that has been there for so long. I can only hope it's for a refurb because these guys are so nice and the chips are A1. 

Me and Frank went to Wembley to see Liverpool play Barcelona in a pre season game.

I never understood scouts. Even when I was a kid I knew about herb shit. I never had my ear pierced as a kid. That's herb shit. I never had an Action Man. That's herb shit. I was never in the scouts, even as a kid I knew that was herb shit. So imagine me now in 2016 when I see a group of grown men wearing their scouts outfits all in McDonalds. Are you lads alright? Why are you like this?

The stadium was breathtaking, it was my first time at the new Wembley. The game was awesome too, Liverpool won 4-0 in the peak of their summer pre season. It was pretty special too because Luis Suarez played and I got to see him live in the flesh haha.

I saw these guys in the services and I'm still trying to work out if they are being serious or not. Let me know if you have any insider information.

Had a little paint down Morses. It was such a nice day, the sun was out, we had some music on, it was just right. Might have been the last jam of the summer.

Where do you even find stuff like this? It's too sick I wish I knew. I'll never forget when I went to Singapore there was a shop that only sold those dorky T-shirt with airbrushed pictures of animals on. I got a couple, but they had literally every animal you can imagine.

Whenever I eat this meal I have to take a photo. It's such a simple pleasure and has been a staple of my diet for as long as it's been open. Look at this thing of beauty. I wish I could see how many of these burgers I've consumed ever

I have no words, he's old enough to know better. From what I could work out he was just wearing this on road. No fancy dress motive, no nothing. This was his outfit for the day. Bang out of order.

I was in Lebanon last week and I've got a bunch of stuff to post up from that. That'll all be coming over the course of the week. SO MUCH CATCHING UP TO DO CHEERS FOR READING

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