Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Just over a week ago I was in Faliraki with Tom, getting extremely sunburnt and drunk whilst trying to soak up a bit of culture. Here is part one of our time in Rhodes.

As soon as we got off the plane we were met with this. They really weren't joking when they said Greece was on it's arse. That's kind of a running theme through out this post.

Sam's Studios. Annoyed they've planted a massive cactus in front of the sign but whatever, who cares. Not me.

Was the sun making me delirious or is this bill genuinely funny?

I bought this beach towel. I always try to get a dorky animal print one, and at first I wasn't over the moon with this find. However, as time went on I really got into how sad the horses were. Look at that white one, he is in the fucking pit isn't he.

I asked for a can of coke, I got a bottle. Bad people will try and tell you it tastes better out of the bottle. Don't listen to them. A can is the best way a soft drink can be served, as aluminium is a better conductor and there by your drink stays colder for longer. AND you get more in a can. Fuck these little bottles, I hate them.

This was the worst thing I've ever consumed from a McDonalds. If you go to Greece and want to see what the McDonalds is all about, don't fucking bother. Tragically shit. I didn't even get a photo but I'm sure as you can imagine it looked nothing like how it does on the box.

YOLO CLUB. On it's arse as you can imagine.

Some of the shops sold some amazing stuff. I love this kind of airbrushed shit. Think of what this actually is, who comes up with it. Rhianna, on a multicoloured snakeskin background, as Medusa with snakes for hair and snake eyes. Truly inspiring stuff.

My don went for the short back and sides but opted against the norm to keep his sideburns. #EUROFASHION

Solid advice here lads: 'Think less, live more'

We rented a car! Look at our little camp, shit car hahaha

We drove down to Lindos, some old town on the island. It was pretty cool. Peep that castle at the top of the hill on the right.

They had these really narrow souks all built into the rocky cliff-face.

This photo was from that castle at the top of the hill. It was stupidly hot, it clocked 48 degrees this day. I sunburned my shins on this day and they went all purple and fucked haha. They've only just recovered.

After a little siesta we got back in the whip and went to Rhodes old town. Maybe it's because I'm a little older or whatever, but it was probably the nicest old town I can remember going to. We parked next to this marina and walked in and it was all so old and overgrown and nice. If the sun wasn't so hot I could have spent forever walking around it.

Tommy Tits having a drop of tea from his titty mug. How funny is shit like this really? Like who would fucking buy that hahahaha. I love tits, so I'm gonna buy a tit mug, why not.

Sadly, even the old town wasn't safe from the same shit they try and peddle everywhere else. Here is Marilyn Monroe's head on Kobe Bryant's body. Who buys this shit.

We went to this restaurant Natalie and Curtis recommended from when they were in Rhodes before. It was so good, I had this chicken skewer with some diced veg on top of it. The bread was insane. Greek food is top 5 worldwide, I don't wanna hear nooooooo talk.

Part one down! I'll post part two tomorrow.

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