Tuesday, 31 January 2017



Internet shopping in itself is pretty wild to think about. It’s kind of weird to think about now given we spend almost every living moment on it, either remotely or not, but the internet hasn’t always been around. It seems so intertwined with life these days, like with my recent house move I was without internet for almost a fortnight, and it completely changed the way I lived. I didn’t realise how many things I used on a day to day basis rely on having the internet. It’s hard to imagine life before it. Fast forward to 2017 and we’ve got guys like Amazon on the team. They offer an incredibly simple service, with an amazing interface and app. It literally could not be easier. Every little feature and change they ever make is always in the right direction and they’re just going to get bigger and better. Every single time I use their wonderful service I’m thankful I’m alive in this rich age of technology. They’re slowly taking over the world and I’m happy to watch.


Don’t you just fucking hate these things? As if finding the right lightbulb for you isn’t effort enough, the market is now swamped with this shite. Those bulbs where you flick them on and they just glow a dim orange for 5 minutes before mustering up a piss-weak glow. Why are they here? Are they good for the environment? Should I care more? Are lightbulbs really the thing that are killing the planet? Whenever I flick them on it annoys me so much. They literally do not light up, and that’s the only purpose of a lightbulb. That’s all I ask of the humble lightbulb, light. They’ll catch you out too. I’ve avoided the spiralled ones for years, but now the dim, orange energy saving shite has started manifesting in the regular bulb shape and I for one am furious.

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