Sunday, 15 January 2017


So way back in September I had to put my blog on ice for a bit. Things all got a bit hectic going into the busiest period of my working year, with a few time consuming freelance projects popping up, 2 house moves and a new art project and a radio show I just was not finding time to write it. I’ve been writing Wickedland for 9 years and have never had to shelf it. I’ve never wanted to and thankfully never needed to, but at that time I thought it would be better to take a little time out rather than keep it moving in a half arsed fashion. BUT alas, now we are back, and things are gonna be more fun than ever.

I’ve had a little time to think and consider what I actually like about blogging. Admittedly at times it did become a bit routine, and in turn started to feel a bit like work. I’ve thought about slight changes to content and the way I upload posts. So as well as all the usual good stuff you come here for I’ve got a few new ideas that I want to introduce.

Also, I’ve just brought a lovely new MacBook! I’ve never owed a laptop before, so anytime I didn’t fancy being sat in front of a computer, my blog wasn’t getting written. I’m gonna become one of those people who’s laptop is constantly… on top of their lap, so there’s probably going to be too much Wickedland if anything. I’d get out now if I was you. Sack it off.

So the plan is to relaunch the blog on January 29th with 14 posts over the following 2 weeks. For anyone who missed the old Wickedland, it’s going to be all the regular shit you’d expect, plus a bunch of new stuff too. If you’re new to Wickedland and you’ve never read my blog before it’s never too late to go for a dip, and the water is going to be as sarcastic, relatable and outspoken as ever. It’s fun here.

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