Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Yoooooo a little long time off, been a busy boy recently but here is some new Wickedland for you lot. I hope you're all well!

So Cadbury's are doing two flavours of the Egg & Spoon. Choco and Oreo. I think it's safe to say which one the public prefer haha. Rightly so, the Oreo ones are fucking divine.

I bought these hat strap things for my door, they have like little hooks on that you hang hats on. Pretty fucking nifty right? They work a treat, v happy with the purchase.

Mad stuff. London for the weekend.

I kind of envy this bloke having his little tupperware tub of nuts for the commute. Nice simple little snack for himself, healthy, light, lovely. Same way I think that's such a dead snack man. That's just dead. Rubbish. Shit.

This crep is a lot of effort isn't it. I slip my trainers off at the end of some days and think boy, my feet hurt, that's an uncomfortable days worth of wearing shoes. I think the commitment towards being a goth is unparalleled. Like you have to put so much into it, there's really no days off. it's like when you'll see the blokes in the big leather jackets in the summer. I wonder if they're thinking yeaaah yeah fucking everyone knows I'm a proper goth.

Won £20 in the casino with Jamie on Roulette. 20 big ones. 20 sheets. A purple note. Big money baby, don't look directly at it, you might get blinded. Very serious gambling going on here mate, get out of here. Don't worry about it just know we getting big money on this side baby.

Went out boozing round Soho with this rabble

Chin up mate. Look at my amazing car. Sorry your life is shit and you've not got nice things like my flash fucking car but chin up mate

We went to watch Dulwich Hamlet FC against Macclesfield Town in the FA Trophy on the Saturday.

The ground was pretty cool. We'd heard it was meant to be a right laugh down there and it really was. Despite it being the coldest place on earth.

Jamie got himself a little Dulwich Hamlet hat.

They went 2-0 after about 10 minutes but brought it back to 2-2 in what ended up being a really sick game. Tickets were only a tenner as well haha.

That's us lot at the back. Like you care. Like you can even see us anyway. I could literally just say anything here.

Jamie's glasses make him look like that mental surgeon bloke who used to dissect dead people on Channel 4. Looking back that was all a bit weird wasn't it.

We went to this grill place in Brixton Village to eat. I got this half chicken as I always do. I've never been more pissed off I didn't get ribs in my life.

Jamie's girlfriend Rosie and her friend Natalie cooked us this mexican feast on the Sunday. It was so unreal. Enchiladas and Fajitas and all sorts of other good bits.

I returned to misery, paying good money to watch Liverpool throw their season away at the King Power. It was my first match day down there since working there on a commission over summer. It was amazing to see it buzzing full of people thinking loads of them would have seen my work.

It was the first game after Ranieri had been sacked and everyone lit up their phones in tribute to him. It was a real nice touch.

I dream of a place called Pasta Shake. Pasta Shake is going to be a subway style lunchtime £5 bite, where you select what pasta you'd like, what sauce, what veg and meat and so on. 5 different size boxes and tray baked pasta. Seen as the pasta game is on ten anyway I thought lemme flip the script on them and try my hand at a pasta bake. Basically long story short Pasta Shack is gonna be nuts.

Tazmyn's laptop fit perfectly into this little bit in the bottom of this upside down chair. What a beautiful sight.

Oiiii there's a laundrette in the block I live in and there's beef haha. I love a note, especially a printed out one. I wanna write on it. Might write on it.

More time if I'm with Teeps I'm creeping, staying low

Had a nice little commissioned bit of work in Sophbeck aka Sub8Ten. It really got on my lungs down there haha.

Thanks for reading, come back again

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