Friday, 10 March 2017



It pains me to do this because this is my guy. I love Drake and I’ve defended him since before it was cool to like Drake. I’ve shown people old music of his over and over again when people chime up with lazy shouts about his writing ability but I’ve had it with him.

I had tickets to see Drake in Dam in January. This was the third time I had tickets to see him. I was excited because his last album Views was a triumphant return to form. I couldn’t wait. The time before when I saw him he tours Nothing Was The Same, largely an underwhelming body of work. It was a good show but the setlist wasn’t stacked with many of my favourite drizzy joints.

The time after that I had tickets to see him at Wireless and he pulled out. This pained me because he was a massive part of why I was going and obviously he was going to do a festival setlist with alllll the bangers on. That never happened. Fast forward to a WEEK before I fly out to Amsterdam and he cancels again. Some bullshit reason saying the production team have pushed it back because they want extra special effects. He didn’t push the date back a couple of months and make it financially viable to go, he pushed it back a week. There was no way I could make it.

It really pissed me off. He has a rep for cancelling and pulling out of shit, and for someone who gives it so much about how much he loves his fans and the shit he does for his fans a 33% conversion rate is piss poor. I launched an unofficial Drake strike in my head. I was simply not in the mood to listen to him. He’s one of my favourite artists and I’ve not listened to him in over 2 months now.

Add to that the fact that he announced an album that’s now 3 months late, he pouts and he’s made it ok for soft lads to buy and wear Stone Islands and he’s not really in my good books right now. I wonder if I’ll listen to him the way I did ever again.

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