Tuesday, 18 November 2008


HEY YO YO YO YO YO. ive been going out of my fucking head boshing that shit man. im getting to like 4 a week or something. its been a good week, read on, and done forget to sign the guestbook!

:O :O :O!! i shown john b and he made a good point against working there; how would you feel getting served your maryland by a white man? it just wouldnt be right would it.

near the charlotte, i saw this really nice long thing with lots of repetition.

89p @ dominoes!

we had to make these little models to make animations with for uni. ill have the animation done by the end of the week, so ill stick it on.

friday, we went round dans for a bit, and played call of duty 5. billy was killing it at the end, im so unbelieveably shite.

later, we headed on to jr's house for a get together. how was getting mad into the party spirit going fucking mental putting socks on hands, and pants on heads. FUCKING MENTAL HE IS INNIT

in a heroic style, one of the boys shoplifted a case of fosters from ricky garage, it was so good to watch. also, tom (who i havent seen in 5 years) was back too, so it was wicked to see him.

the next day, i seen all these nice leafs on the way to work, all the same colour. literally 1000's of them, where as last week there was hardly any of them.

i made this at work.

that night, me and aaron went upto town to go to KONTAKT @ sophbeck. we went to the bp garage on the way up, and at the window, they had this really nice thing with lots of different amounts of change laid of in it. and numbers of how much change was in each bit next to it.

brad was down, chilling, working a little bit. check the maryland steeez. brad helped out with this weeks wastegash of the week. he is coming back down from leeds next weekend for football, it should be wicked.

we seen this guy dressed fully in white, inc. cowboy hat, outside sophy. it was well cool.

here is a flick, that i feel portrays the tention in the conversation. joe obama was saying the barack is the man! he was really pationate about it, bringing up good points, john however was argueing that he hasnt done anything yet, and that john with start bumming barack when crunch time comes and he is doing things. josh stood by, watching on, taking it all in.

i feel the 2nd of what is going to become a regular mid-sophbeck-trip over to maryland to get munch with aaron. aaron had wings, i had supreme. while we were there, a bit fight broke out between some guys or fucking nothing!

walking upto next week, i saw this thing, and thought i would take a picture. ive shown about 3 people and asked them if, say when climbing a tree or whatever, if they have ever rubbed any of that fucking green shit in their eyes by accident, and felt the itch, not one of them had!

if you have, let me know in the guestbook at the bottom of the page.

went for a chill with pip, scott (pictured) and joel (not pictured). we were driving about, mcing, then went for a maryland. it was big big big. scott didnt want his milkshake, so pip had it.


now i was texting bradley yesterday evening, and he said ah, how about katy perry for wastegash? and instantly, i was like, no fucking way man, she is a miss world contender. but then we got to talking about it, and bradley said "i kissed a girl" fully fucking grown on him, and "hot and cold" is doing the same thing, and i thought, actually, the previously discussed problem of her being with travis from gym class heroes is half her fault! also, did anybody catch any of the MTV europe music awards? (my mum just brought my dinner to me, some realy nice pasta.) yeah, she was annoying as fuck! proper playing up in front of the cameras, but on the other hand is in next months fhm. oh katy, are you safe or a twat?

big out hereeeeeeeeee! see you next week or something yeaaaaah

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