Wednesday, 26 November 2008


MORNING. My computer at home has got a virus and is fucked so im having to do this update from the library at uni. its ok, too many voices, and i dont have my ipod anymore so i cannot block them out. the weather has suddenly got well cold.

last week, we had to do some work with these students from some other college, and we had to go and get all the tables from the other room and bring them through. we built them up, and i sat in the excecutive suite from a bit. welcome to my office and that.
i went mosh for the first time on tuesday night too with some people from uni. this cheeky bastard was outside. i gave him 50p for this photo. i said "im taking your photo" and he was like "that is quite rude, how you tell me your going to take my picture and you dont ask." i wonder how many people hear that everynight.thursday swung around, done council, done booker, and i went to meet taz and jodi for a drink at sophbeck. hof was there when i got there, it was wicked! taz bought me two pear ciders, and it was this night where these women show other women how to pole dance, preeeety goood.friday night, we went round dans. im so so shit at call of duty - worlds at war, or whatever the fuck its called, so i just sit back and amuse myself. from what i can gather, billy is the daddy, dan is second in command, then kyle then aaron in terms of how good they are at it. i made a really tense, sharply edited short film, mainly showing real close ups of billys game face. all four of them play at once on the split screen bitch. dan stood on the other side of the room and threw a dart right through iron mans eye. chuffed with that he was. obviously not the real iron man, he is much, much bigger than this little cardboard cut out one.i cant work out if aarons eyes are closed or looking at his nose. either way, after emma (dans sister) took this picture, we went down narbs to get some beers and sweets, and then to aarons free house. we chilled and watched pineapple express again, it was billys first time, so he was loving it. this night in particular, it was so fucking cold.the next morning, on the way to booker, there was a shed, fully mangled just at the side of the park, (on the same corner where i took the photo of all the leafs.) when i came home later that day it was gone. monday night, and me dave and vinny finally went swimming. it was wicked, i aint been swimming in a pool for years and years, so it was really nice man. this woman was doing dumb lenghts for a laugh. like seriously about 50. at 8 o clock, they opened the big pool up, because the competitions had finished. vinesh is a fast swimmer too!i was off swimming for a bit, and all dave and vinny were talking about is getting a pizza. so after a bit of deliberation, vinesh drove us up to meridian, and we went pizza hut. it was about 10 o clock, and this girl looked so knackered who was serving us. dave told me that his mate used to work there, and they dont get paid if there is no customers in, but they have to stay on. i tipped the little lady, and fucking dave and vinesh just split it amungst themselves, and added it to their pizza, cheeky bastards!i sit, all day outside the vending machine at uni, with a hand full of change, and slowly but surely draw out everything, and just eat it as i go along. it takes so long i have to get a seat.wigs, soooothere is always a well nice sunset out of the windows on the top floor, you cant see it really good because of my shite phone camera, but its fucking lovely.


it was so hard to find a picture of her on the internet (information super highway my arse) this is the best i can do, but if i say to you "AVAILABLE CAR CASTLE DONINGTON!" then it might ring a bell. i lie in bed at night, think about the day gone by, and do you know how you just hear things? (billy said he hears kyle say "BILLY" once really clearly) i hear "AVAILABLE CAR CASTLE DONINGTON!" over and over again. fuck it, i even start fucking picturing her walking far to fast acros my brain. oh how she winds me up. the sleep ive lost because of her over-emphusiastic voice penatrating my brain with out a condom. "AVAILABLE CAR CASTLE DONINGTON, IM A WASTEPUMPLEX!" "SUTTON AND ASHFIELD!" NO! SHUT THE FUCK UP. i wonder if she was just a really annoying person who worked in branch, and when they sent out the company notice "we need an annoying fast, on the point of breakdown waste-paste-face to be in the adverts, and keep sam grubb awake" everyone just thought of her.

it really is a shit picture, but you know who i mean. ill put some drawings on soon, have a nice few days and if you have read, then sign the guestbook.

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