Monday, 3 November 2008


Hey ho, wicked yo! another post... a bit of a long one.

so now there is a boarded up house on my street where the smackheads were living. how wak does this look?

walking work with kyle, the morning after he slept over and we seen this little nice flowers someone had just planted, and a load of shit.

ian, at council work is always picking up weird shit. look at this phione, with big speed dial buttons. you can open then and put your own pictures in, but the ones you get to start you off are fucking wicked.

so, getting a card for my sister from the card shop, guess who i saw checking out the humour ones, pointing and laughing? its only andy betts from the inside council paper FACE (for all council employees). did anyone read me writing about what a cunt he comes across as in the artical? it was so weird seeing him in the flesh..

i got fucking soaked on the way out of town from work on thursday.
on a different note, junior had his halloween house party, and it was fucking well good. nice one jr.

bumped into near the garage, so that was cool

and when we got back, hof was about YOOOOO
patrick won.

smashed out of my face, crawling back into mine, this is the best i could manage to illustrate that. it was a really good nightsaturday night, and i had a maryland. ive been hammering em recently. its so good man, you get fucking evrything. 330ml canned drink? fuck off 355ml the maryland waay.
i drew at Xerox Ferox. it was dead deead deaaad, but im happy with what i drew.

i fucking love front magazine. really good. i forgot how good it was. got round to blakes and johns on sunday (instead of footballing) and was flicking though a couple of copys. i remeber they used to do this feature britians biggest cunts, and low and behold big man, top bloke vernon kay was top of the pops. the fucking arsehole. i was so happy. and the letter that someone had wrote in said loads of stuff i said about him, so its not just my opinion, its someone elses! it was a moment of joy.
L-R beavel kenevil, blake, you, jamie (was down from sheffield for a bit, feeling the youtube video on guestbook to the maximum) and j beeezy.we all watched the grand prix and seen massa get shanked by glock because hamilton is shite under pressure. and also a nigerian film called the journalist, too serious to go into. if you see me, ask to see a little clip on my phone. full on bad boy gear in the acid bath room in print, doing etchings.
a couple of hours ago, me and aaron finally seen hot chip, after about a year of waiting. they smacked it, but the crowd were dickheaaads. they were just shit, stood still, and far too many girls, dancing. after they played over and over, about a dozen guys picked it up a bit, but the crowd was so so wak. they played no fit state and killed it dead.

TAKE A LOOK AT MY WASTEMAN - Travis from gym class heroes.

writting songs about all the girls he gets and that, you aint 50 cent mate! we were sat at john and blakes, and how bad katy perry is arose. naturally, conversation moved around to this guy who somehow is boneing her. a joint decision was made to quickly make him wasteman of the week. how is he boneing? is it like one of them jokes what some girls do, sort of contextual humour?

YOOOOOT! back soon.

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