Monday, 10 November 2008


ease up ease up den. its one of them stupid ones where its quarter to 2 in the morning, and a have work tommorow. this week has been ok, i got assesed at uni, had a brainwave and got rained on.

this was the brainwave. WL? WICKEDLAND MAYBE? gimme five? you do the maths, lookat the hand.

this was a photo of the sky, its shit innit? proper grey and crap. its been raining loads this week.

i took a photo of a indian rude boy giving another (probably) indian rudeboys car a ticket. he said why are you taking a picture of me? i said "erm, the car... your ticket" and he turned away.BRAP ROONEY BRAP

this is ian from uni, telling me that im going to have to talk to the whole class about my crap painting. he is really safe.
asda with the boyo's on thursday night, it was empty as fuck, and really good. i got some blackcurrant and licourice sweets, my favourites. dan throws up dubs like it aint no thing.

this is ice cock at work in its full glory. for anyone who is wondering and hasnt heard the rambling its a drip from a pipe on the same spot all day and night every day and night. it drips and freezes. there was two so i helt one for some indication of scale.

see, big innit.

im going poland with uni next february. if i dont die before then or something. 23rd - 27th. preeeeeety gooood. FACK OFF KRACK OFF. i might go to the football whilst im there.seen birdman in town, regular hyping.

i cant understadn why anyone would get there name (presumably) and then "i want that one!" on a hoodie. think of when she got this done, i just cant get it.

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this div does my head in. she has got a new fucking t.v programme, and i dont give a shit. i dont want to see her sat there, looking like a fucking tramp talking about her tits all time. they are shit and fat. fat tits are not big tits. then, she goes all mad, and is mad tripping out on chat shows all the time. she won some awards or some shit, like best mum of the year two years running or some fucking gay like that, i think how can she be? because people get thereselves in a pickle and get them selves out(ish) they shouldnt be rewarded.

ill put some drawings up in the next couple days, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK YOOOOO

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