Thursday, 19 February 2009


FIRST THINGS FIRST EVERYONE!!!!! the mixtape ive been working on with darryl is live on the internet for all you download, and bop along to on your ipod, or just listen to streaming.

you can click the flyer for it, or follow this link: or get over to for some more tunes and shit! keep your eyes peeled for some up and coming shows too, should be all cool and
ive had a proper good week this week, really really good. i left my phone at aarons by accident friday morning, but i went for a fry up with aaron and jim (who i havent seen properly in so long) and that was proper nice. spent a little bit of time with aaron walking round town and that, and then we went back to his to get my phone, then back to mine.

that night, we went to some guitar hero comp at firefly, (vanessa, jimlad, george and john) a.k.a white fire won that shit and took everyones money home laughing. eric was wickedlanding.
look at this bullshit, some stupid dickheads were getting well too into it, thinking they were in a real band. GUITAR VILLIAN, or OFF HIS ROCKER.

valentines day and we went for a nice meal at wagamama's (sorry aaron) its proper trying to be stylish and shit. manaman brought my food out and i said could you get me a knife please? he went away for a couple of minutes then came back and was a right cool bastard saying "we dont have knifes here mate!" im thinking whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. it was nice though.
the metro pisses me off, but i cant help but grab one, if not just to hate on nemi. fucking toilet rag, they insist on printing shit that just puts me in a bad mood. well, you know what paolo? (in a sarcastic, patronising voice) why dont you fuck off back to italy, where people are so fucking clean. "habit", as if eating in public is a back thing, and as if eating is to frowned at. a set "grazing" time is called lunch. if you dont like the way british people do things in britian, then fuck off back to milan. i find the italian habit of telling people anything, anywhere, any time revolting.

man was on reception, and i brought the new football manager for myself for my birthday, so i was battering it. i fucking love that game so much, but it could be better. so playable and addictive. the modern day "good book". you know, pick that shit up, and put it down, get back into it, love it. and i do, i love it.

what day was this? sunday i think. for carnage, me and valena were working zanzibar. it was wicked, they play good music and it was packed. valena was on the bar, and i was glass collecting in cobarna. it was like listening to my ipod, bare tune after tune.theyre staff room is really weird and grotty, a massive buddha in the corner, horrible chairs and sofa's, and a vending machine.kyle came over, and was telling me who was safe out of my mates on this picture. kyle is down with i snapped all the pretzels up and put them in my mouth like hanibal lecturer. after this picture i tried to like judo chop the middle of them and snap them all, it didnt work, i just really hurt my must have read this shit? its fucking horrible. what i dont get is how can this lad come? he is obviously well under developed (and thick, 13 and he doesnt know what financially means) and fuck the ugly div mother. i only hope them guys can stick it out, and be like fuk da haterz and alfie can get some cool sunglasses.all my mates smoke and i dont, so we were at hofs, and were talking about how they used to smoke chocolate back in africa when they first dsicovered the cadburys tree, and decided to roll a chocolate zoot. it had a crumbled up chocolate digestive biscuit in it, and a bit of chocolate bar broken up dead small. we rolled it in a orange flavour rizla, and boshed it. at first it was really hard, but after that it was really quiet sweet!tom is back for a little bit, so we were like "yeah, crew flick time!" peep out zues in the shadow.the next day, i got robbed on a taxi, fuck metre taxis. there is nothing more dis-heartening than sitting at the lights and watching the metre tick over. the drivers are fucking pricks too. how is it some taxi drivers are literally the safest guys? where as some are cancer on legs?why do lights always have legends? i was thinking earlier, when you look across at someone at a crossing, think; they just wanna get to where you are now, and where you are now to you is a waste of time, you just dont wanna be there, you wanna get to where they are.

i loved these two guys, dressed in black, except for some real talk running trainers, incase shit really fucking kicks off. its like good cop bad cop, but better. the one on the left was so happy i was taking a picture of him. you cannot really make it out in this picture, because of a lack of stuff to compare them to, but they were both really really short.was nice and sunny today. i didnt even take my coat to the office, real talk. i love it whens bright, it puts me in such a great mood.seen quay crew skating earlier, representers. george aint on a shy thing about wickedlanding HOLDS THAT SHIT OUT FAAAARon these pampers at work there is this little lad (firstly with a massive head) but everytime i walk past em or whatever, i always think he looks like he is doing that dance from the sean paul videos, (you must know what i mean) and his mum is like "what are you like ay? what you doing you mad head!"a picture of him, just incase you thought he was slacking.POKER TIME! elsa was back in the bits, and his beginners luck wasnt quiet as prominent as it was last time he played. him and john went out first, then george, then me, blake came second to jimlad who led from pretty early on. after we all were pissing about with the cards, and all picked a number or a J Q K A. as we turned over the top 5 cards to eliminate people they were all one of the numbers we had said, it was a mad coinsidence. jimlad had won, as he was the only who's card had'nt been picked out (queen) and we were all talking about wether a queen was going to be the next card on there. i was trying to say leave it because it will just ruin it if its not, but after a bit of talk and debate wether we should look, we turned it over, and it was a queen! we were like YOOOOOOOOOO thats mad!!!


fuck knows how this junior cunt won that competition in the first place, i cant see what the talent is, and there were bare crazy good skilled guys in the final, but this lad embodies sympathy vote. "oooh, i got bullied for being a gay bastard at school, and my mum is poor, so let me win" and he did. i see clips of him doing that wasteman singing in the rain routine and everyone is fucking blowing there minds as if they cannot believe what he is doing. its unreal. and then, no doubt at the hands of bare stylists, they are dressing him up like a right mong, why not just say no? how can he have a song out too? he is a swag dancer, fuck a song, and fuck you george sampson. you may be making bare money, but you are still a wasteman pooooomplex.

thats me man, im going poland next week with uni, so ill get some nice photo treats for you. remember to sign the guestbook on your way out, and please download the mixtape from the link up top and let me know what you think, safe.

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