Friday, 6 February 2009


by the time i finish writing this, its going to 1 year of wickedland. (Y) thats good innit? kyle is currently working on a big boy birthday card.

WHO KNOWS ABOUT SNOW THEEEEN!? its been killing it, everyone is like "its the worst snow in 20 years", im like "the best more like!!! waaaah. yeah man." got a fair bit to document this week, been working, playing, but not much coursework to be honest :.

this guy was about 40, and white. i was like thats my boy!!!!!!
went to see daryl on friday and finished our BOY KID CLOUD mixtape. you dont know about how good its sounding, its going to make your ear drums smile. check for more development.saturday night, we went out for blakes birthday down braunstone gate, and then into sophbeck, it was a fucking cracker of a night, i had a right good time.john went next style in marina smoking and just being like "YOU AINT MARYLAND" it was big. eric watches on, wishing he was on that shit.@ loaf L-R me,joe,eric,john and blake (happy birthday mate)easily just arrange the magnets on the fridge at work the next day, it was fucking murder, i felt bare tired. got through it though, and thats when the snow started. i was walking home and getting fucking pelted with it, it was dickhead style!!!!i went down blake and johns to watch the football (liverpool 2 - 0 chelsea, dont worry about it) and at half time vanessa had a little bosh on street fighter. she literally didnt have any idea what she was doing, it was bare funny. look: fucking loving it.lampard got sent off, dreadfully. george was so pissed off. i fucking hate frank lampard, such a little posh baby twat. look at georges pissed off face.STINGER!!!!!monday. it was still snowing hard, and i was on reception at the council so i was watching too many people slipping about, falling over and just being cold. i had a right nice little heater on the go SO SHAAAAAAAATUUUUUUUUUPgot bored, made an or-ee-garm-ee vagina soooooooooi love these thimbulls. thumbulls, whatever. i put them on inside out and it feels so fucking good. like littel ribbed condoms for your fingertips. there is so many dickheads at the council who i dont talk to, old, deadend job, boring wastemen. as i was in the process of taking this picture, one of the dickheads walked through and gave me such a stinkeye. kyle is drawing him on his picture. he is pube-head-ball-bag-eyes-cock-nose prick.more snow on thursday, just when we thought it was on the way out, i was like YES BOOOOYS!BEN STEVENS ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRthursday after work i missioned down to blake and johns for another good game of poker. 5th - dan, 4th - jimlad, 3rd - blake, 2nd- me and george won! 25 boys up, and he did the nice thing of giving us a lift home, so that was safe. look at the tension with 2 aces a king and a jack on the table. MAN BETTER KNOW ABOUT POKER CLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUBthe song im listening to just said food. yeah boy! after a real late night chilling and pokering, i got out of bed and repped down to uni, just to see my lesson was cancelled. went to see valena and we went for a nice breakfast at riallto cafe. it was fucking brilliant. no truer thing than a good breakfast sets you up for a long day, and that it is, it doesnt even seem like in the same day as the moment im at now.YES ALL ELEMENT MENTAL MANAMAN!!!! i aint seen him in so long.bare chuffed with my mate kyle, we walked up to asda, so i could get a shirt and some DVD-Rs. you forget how long that road is, but we chatted about having trips, and owning lorry loads of air max trainers.only went and bumped into josh innit! he was waiting for some photographs, so we mooched about for a bit and got what we needed, and some chocolate and lemonade. josh had a little bit of time left, so we went to the little cafe to get something to eat. me and kyle had chips and gravy (which was actually really nice) and josh had a sandwich. i really like the picture of them too eating. me and kyle had our lemonade out of these polystyerene baby bottle warmer things, and it tasted so industrial, it was fit is the woman on the self service screen? her body is fucking banging, honestly on some lara croft big girl style. as she is filling up the basket for you, and it is looking over her shoulder her breasts are sticking right out, you might catch me slipping with a little semi on the go.this guy thought we were right upto no good, trying to collar us for fuck all. as we were all waiting by the photo bit, i walked back off into the shop and he was like "excuse me sir, excuse me!" ignored him maaaan, then when the alarm went off when people left the store he was stopping people, asking to see the reciepts and wasnt even looking at their shopping. fucking arsehole. kyle goes "ill entwine your beard with your pubes, and swing you around".

"we were hitting it off great, i walked her home... she invited me up for coffee...big mistake. she obviously had no idea how rapey i could get."

fuck right off you prick, this one has pushed me over edge. first they have that gimmicky prick alex zane, (anyone who's got zane in their name is a fucking vagina, see zane lowe for refference) and when i heard there was a new presenter of rude tube, i was like wicked. more like not wicked. do you know those drama school, always wanting to be the class joker, but not actually funny types? the type who present big brothers little brother and tonightly and that? this cunt is one of em. just annoying and shite. he has got a myspace comedy page, and its just so fucking shite its almost unreal that somebody can think its ok. NOT ACCEPTABLE, FUCK OFF AND STOP GIVING MY TV AN INFECTION YOU POSH CUNT.
saaaaafe anyway, hof and kyle have been chilling big boy style for the hour of so that it took me to type this shit out, happy wickedland birthday/anniversary! feel free to sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page, see you next week.

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