Thursday, 12 February 2009


in my headphones papoose just said "im trying to make the ends meet without meeting the end"...thats good innit?

ive been a teenager for ages, now im not. ive been on this earth 20 years now and its shit. nothing comes with being 20, only bad things. i went down to newquay, its still been snowing and i havent done any drawings in ages.

milli from uni had a party at her uni halls and it was really good. i went along, thinking im not gonna get drunk, im just chilling and took some cider and half bottle of sambuca more as a gesture of good will. i got so fucked, it was bare. between us we finished that sambuca on the real fast.
george and aaron were sceptical of the rules of fives, not really believing in it. bless the lad, more or less the only safe strangers at the party were these guys, they were really really sound. SAMMY MATE, YOUR FUCKING SOUNDbilly was wickedlanding hard, jr was just chilling, little bit of drink, little bit of beef, but jr held his shit up! billy kept finding the best most rank drinks and sorting us all out.when the party was all turned out, security turned up and turn that shit out, and it was time for everyone to go. how secure can you be in sandals? this guys was bare funny, not really doing anything.TJING on the way home and this bloke called "Pig" walked in and asked, from 30p if we could make him upto a pound. we had no money, so he tried to get 30 pences worth of's werent having it. he walked out, so we sat and finished then left out about 5 minutes later. walking up narbs we heard a big sound behind us turned round and he had been across to JBS and they gave him a free tray of chips with curry sauce! he was so chuffed with it, and told us they were like "keep your money, just take these and get out." ha ha! he offered us a chip, posed for a wickedland picture, and walking up narbs he asked us, if we are about to meet him in nine bar for a drink. wicked. on our way down to cornwall, we had a bare trip in the car. i forget me and my sisters aint small kids anymore, and it was so crampt. alfie was in the back too, and his breath was stinkiiin.we got down there and into a bed and breakfast, it was initially really nice, but then the woman who owned it turned out to be a bit of a weirdo.YOU ARE!we took alfie on the beach, he hasnt walked before outside, he is fine out the back garden; runs around like a right mad fucker, but if you put him out the front he just lies down and doesnt do anything. so we took him on the beach and just walked off and he started having a little mooch!

one odd thing was in the reception of this bed and breakfast there was a dead strange book called "dogs in residence, dogs of bed and breakfast's in england". why would you think to publish that shit? anyway... the woman was dead weird about her dogs, proper thought only she knew about dogs. like when we were chatting to he over breakfast i told her that sometimes when im fighting with alfie, he uses his teeth. not vicious, but just playful. she was all like "no, thats bad, you should never let him use his teeth, everytime he does just go YIP YIP YIP YIP!" and hse made this stupid noise. also, she was talking some bullshit about pebbles in a can, and they are scared of the sound it makes. shiiiiseaside fish and chips are bare nice. proper not shit roxy ones. i love massive battered sausages.this was on the side in this chipshop. dont you think it bares a striking resembalance to a can of holsten pils?innit? maan, i love 2nd hand dvd sales. the blockbuster down there had 4 for £10!! i found Leon, Guess who, Kickboxer and a film called mischief nights from the makers of shameless, that my sister was banging on about.this is how nice this shit is, they can literally pu cash points down alley ways because there city isnt full of muggers and drunk people. ha hathis was back in the bed and breakfast. "DO NOT RING THIS BELL AFTER 11.00PM UNLESS A LIFE THREATENING EMERGENCY" sozzo mate! bare funny little things like this. we was'nt late down to breakfast on the first day, but when she came in our room to straighten up the beds on the first day we were down there she set a alarm without telling us. breakfast was at 9am, and she set a alarm for 8 o clock!!!!! i know!!!! it wouldnt be that bad if i could just roll over and turn it off, but i couldnt get it to stop. i made it snooze a couple of times, but on the third time, i was trying to switch it off, and it wouldnt fuck off! in the end, i just set an alarm for when we would already be up.

i recorded a video of the horrific sounds that this fucking piece of shit makes. it was so loud, and because it was battery powered and the batteries were running out it was proper slurry and groany, but so loud. just watch the video and listen to the sounds.

this was the view from our room at the B&B, the sky was well nice this day.

alone in my room at the top of this bed and breakfast it turned midnight and i left my teens behind. ill never be a teenager again, all those times we had and the era which they were in were gone! im in my 20's now.natalie was repping this big pepper mill at breakfast the next day. nobody needs that bigger pepper if you can just advertise a colon massage in the street, back in lesta and greeted with bare filth!and snow. its like seeing an old friend who was actually bare annoying back in the day, but its ok to see them again, and they have outstayed there welcome. there was no snow on the south west coast because there is loads of salt in the air and it just cuts it before it can set. i came back up and it was soon snowing again. global warming is wicked.ah man, its a bit hard to see, but me and dave drew a woman taking a big cumshot in her piehole in the snow. there is a cock in the top right corner of this picture.


to be honest, its been a fucking long time coming. probably one of the biggest fucking wasteman going, but ive never put him up because i know its a given and nobody actually likes him. how does he think he can give bare people advice when he hasnt lived the past and done anything. unlike trisha, she has done the lot mang! one perticular thing is do you know when he has people on who blaze a bit of zoot he is like "YOU RAVING DRUG ADDICT, YOU WERE TOO OFF YOUR FACE TO NOTICE BLAH BLAH BLAH" and its like mate, fuck off. i can honestly think of so many people who would punch him in the fucking face if they seen him in the street. people must get paid for going on his show and sitting there quietly because he talks to some people like shit. jeremy bitch.

watch this video ^^^ its so so funny.

so, yeah i aint been drawing too, ive got some and could just about get a post together, ill see what i can do! feel free to sign the guestbook and ben what are you talking about, he looks dead like you. ha ha.

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