Sunday, 3 May 2009


alright you guys? had a good week this week, just been keeping my head down, doing coursework, all hand ins were this week, so i had to do em innit.

my grandma gave me this sofa for mine and dans flat, its fucking massive and wicked. it was such a mission getting it out of her bungalow, but we did in the end and at the minute its in my front room.this is a canvas i painted for my illustration module, its acrylic on canvas and i was quiet happy with it in the end. i wanna do more painting, but i dont know what of.SEE THAT FUCKING RAIN ON WEDNESDAY?! BASTARD!!!! at about 5 on wednesday it fucking came down hard! i went for a lovely mcdonalds with valena and it was getting grey as we were sitting in, and then it just came down, we got fucking soaked on the way back to hers. there was lovely thunder morning, after a hand in, i went through town to get the bus upto work and popped into ronalds for a breakfast. seen this cool bastard, just chilling. look at his amazing head; dont you think he looks like the little monkey out of aladin? he was sitting picking a part some sort of mcmuffin, and just rolling his that night, and we all thought billy was mad playing some hand that he had. turns out your boy had a straight and he fucking took bare chips early on! blake ended up winning over bonham at the death of it. then blake was showing us his spud gun. fucking brilliant.mmmmmm spuds. cyprus kebab house gave us some tastey spicy potatos for the walk home, in enchange for some money. dan liks his with mayonaisse on.kyle likes to eat them whole. notice all the cool stuff hanging up on the right above the mirrors next time you go in there, there is some lovely, weird shite.had croques and it was really nice. its so fucking expensive though, it does my head in. i tried a wrap, because i always have a melt, and it was actually proper nice! i had ceaser chicken, and by the end of it i was getting so so into it. i love the little bit at the end of a wrap where it is all folded together an chewy. i had that wrap, a little slice of rocky road cake and a fancy bottle of lemonade and it came to £6.16this little robin red breast is always chilling in the croques garden, and he was lanidng on our table, he even landed on valenas plate at one point. i got a photo of the little fucker just as he took off to fly and wished i had a better camera.we had to go to the new barclays bank in town and it was all amazing and shit. look like something out of the future, it was so so bright and that. everything was a circle.dead fish orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr? i seen this, with its fucking head eaten out lying on the floor on my way home from work today. it was about a foot and a half long and smelt fucking horrible.

i always think that wouldnt it be good if that in the same way you can digitally record image or sound you could record smell? on saturday at work i had to put this dog food in the skip what some woman had brought back, and it was fucking discusting, literally and definately the worse thing i have ever smelt.

the meat that was it in had got rotten and it was like a dark grey, and the actually food had gone like a bright orange colour and was all foaming and dripping. it stunk like a sewer. it was 24 cans of pedigree, so it could only have been worth about £15. there is no chance it hell you would handle it, and put it in your car for however long just for £15.

when it came around to actually moving it, i rolled the shutter up (because it was on a trolly outside) and the smell hit me straight away and it smelt like that actual sewer smell of just shit and sick and tampons. the first time i tried to pick up some fucking rank ripped single black bin liner that had that shit in to throw in the bin it went on the floor and woke the smell proper, and i was wretching bare. i manned up and held my breath and chucked it in and it was fucking horrible! at least i know it ont be my turn next time. (that was long wasnt it? ive just looked up at the screen and seen how much i wrote about it.)

my dog has a big tongue too.
SPUD GUN FUN! blake made a spun gun at work, and him and dan come to an agreement that if blake let dan shoot him in the arse with it he would give him 50 quid. football on sunday was the perfect venue for such events. WATCH!!!! bare in mind that the sound to the film is deceptive, it did that thing where when you film for so long the sound becomes slightly out of sinc to the video, but just look at the bruise for proof of how fucking fast this shit is, it was after about a minute, through jeans!


a.k.a one of the most punchable faces in show business. fucking smug, slopey face bastard almost personifies what the typical american looks like, he just looks so so american. fucking wasteman actor, in shit films, and then all of a sudden he aquires some slightly manly put on deep voice and expects everyone to take him seriously. i just fucking hate his face, and look at that little dickhead beard; if you are not a wrestler you cannot have a beard like that. he always plays the character in films that is just not funny. the sort of rock for the funny character to bounce off. fucking american dick juice.

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