Wednesday, 6 May 2009


TOP MARKS! TELEGRAPH FROM THE QUEEN! MILESTONE REACHED! thats it, one hundred wicked land posts, and its a bit of a celebration. somewhere in the part of the world where it is all fucked up, people are punching each other in the face because things are going that well!
everyone is on there way to the wickedland celebratuion party, that is already in full swing.mondu-la ray is singing in celebration, doing everything from UB40 to usher slow jams.everyone is just dancing away, such good fun.marko isnt impressed though. he prefers gok wans blog on channel fours website. he thought it was a chipendale/office/kinky dress up, so he is just sat in the toilets waiting for the night to end.valena drew me a wolf, but it looks a bit like he is wearing one of them hats with the twirly propeler on top.and kyle has been working on this for months, since the wickedland birthday. click the picture to enlarge it, and marvel and all the people in it. if you point to a certain person in the picture, he will do their voice for you.thats it! 100 posts of wickedlanding, sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page!

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