Wednesday, 6 May 2009


been a good few days for me! got my uni work handed in, so ive been able to go out a few times and drink until i cant remember whats going on.

first things first, ive changed up the layout a little bit (i felt in reaching 100 posts i needed to redecorate) and ive added some links at the side. i think ive got the important ones there, but if there is any that i am obviously missing, then let me know. also, just because its nicer and easier for people who check this shit on iphones, ive made a wickedland youtube channel, so i can upload the video's to their, instead of the unreliable blogger alternative. ive been getting nosebleeds these last few days. rather worrying, but they look cool. its like a period coming out of your face and its almost like a well sneaky way that god is calling you a cunt face.

JOOOOOHNJOOOOOHN MADE MY LIFE SO MUCH BETTER! before mine and daryls set at superfly on sunday night he showed me a picture of katy perry naked. oh my lord, cheers john.we went to superfly and had a right good time. i took some pictures of blake bonding with the freshen up guy!NO SPRAY? NO LAY! NO SOAP? NO HOPE! NO ARMARNI? NO PUNAANI!BOY KID CLOUD REPRESENTAAAASwe went walkabout for one, this is when dan started to get really messy. ha hawhen the houselights came on at last orders he was showing us his skill of downing pints and drank about 3 and a half in 30 seconds dan left, drunk off his face, got in a taxi with george and was apparently sick too. your not strong like him.
i always see this cat mooching about near valenas, he looks at me as if im stupid.went to visit rose in the market, because she needed to borrow a tenner and she is always on about the legends she see's when she is at work. she did not disappoint.saw this guy on the way out of town too. his head wasnt resting on the side, it was just hanging back and all i could thing is your neck is going to fucking kill when you wake up!bumped into hof too! me and valena were about to walk back to mine, but we bumped into your boy and we walked with him. i told him some amazing facts what dan was telling me from his iphone application for example, did you know that if the population of china lined up single file and were to walk past you in a line, the line would never end due to the rate they reproduce. are you mad.
MOSH LAST NIGHT. i was with uni gang, and we saw natalie and her work mates out dressed as golfers, playing pub golf. bare strange.the toilets are odd in mosh. really small, and although they appear to be made of marble of something, they are fucking rank.outside when valena and milli were having a fag, we were lying down looking up at the stars. there were no stars, it was cloudy. but there was scafholding.last but not least! come down to sophbeck this saturday, for we go party. boy kid cloud are on. see you goons in a few days, and leave guestbook comments. ssssaaaaaaafe

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