Wednesday, 13 May 2009


WOOOOI OIIIIII, alright everyone? im moving in on saturday with dan, how cool is that? been busy and not busy this end, and im stuck on a mission on san andreas.

milli from uni found this in video box. preeeetty good.
last week on my lunch at work i went to the burger place round the corner, the prices with fucking ridiculous. for a nice burger and chips and drink it was like a fiver, pure piss take! i just got a portion of chips, dave went for the doner meat and chips.on the way up, we saw all this grease on a lorry, and it looked like some really nice tasting licorice on thursday night, and i still didnt fucking win! its been ages since i did, it was a big pot this week, blake won and bought some very nice adidas trainers.all the grass is getting well long on and around the park and its getting to be such a mission to cross over the grass. in the morning, when the dew is all about my trainers get wet as fuck.then when i get there, i have to try proper hard not to get turned on by these onions in fishnets. they catch my eye all the time.RUN!i wish they would fucking give up, its not going to happen is it? why would it when the best clue they have is some dodgey drawing?hang computer screen is really really dark but on my phone you can see this picture clearly. from out of spankies fell some 40 something wearing the biggest red PVC slag boots you have ever seen, they were horrible!me and darryl done the whole WE GO PARTY, and it was real good fun. at one point we went all the way from sophbeck to wetherspoons on highstreet in search of £1.29 sailor jerrys and coke, and they were dry! i was on the sambuca and strongboys.i got some photos developed from a disposible camera ive been knocking about with for the last couple months, and they are really really nice pictures! next time i come football or whatever, ill bring them along, so its all good! i had a nice ribena and chips and gravy, sat and read my FHM in the asda cafe. after an hour of waiting around and really getting into the magazine, i went back over to the photography section and the women told me the machine had broke, and it was back to the cafe for another half an hour. after that she did me the pictures on the 2 day price.erics facebook status said that he was going skating. I ONLY FUCKING SAW HIM SKATING THAT DAY DIDNT I!?


its ok for alan carr to act gay and that, because he actually is, and he is deffinatley the funnier higher profile of the two. now look at what this guy has turned into. wearing those fucking deadout t-shirts you buy from that shop opposite tin fish shoes in that arcade and doing a whole fucking series of "bring back" where he tries to bring tv programmes back that have happily died off. his target audience just seems to be getting older and older and nobody fucking gives two shits about the friday night project anymore, it used to be good. so good. i watched his own chat show the other week on itv player, and it was fucking abismal. you would have thought that you were watching a toilet. cut your fucking hair.

im off to do some packing now though, so you know. lets get it ooooon.

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