Tuesday, 2 June 2009


ive been thinking, recently, things are going so well for me. most of all the sun is out, this week manchester united didnt win a trophy, ive seen so much of the lads, ate and drunk so much, and recorded some new shit with darryl. THINGS ARE GOOD

you join us at the student union, where we ended up watching the champions league final. 2 - 0 barca and dan was on it.telling me that it was dead and buried at 1-0, and that they need to step their game up.second goal flies in, and that was it, a downhill spiral of drinking that culminated in the buying of £35 pounds worth of shite from jacksons, and a full chicken being thrown into maryland. i wasnt there, and neither was anyone who could have filmed it, but i heard it was great.bradley fucking loves that shit.on the other hand, i walked back from there to valenas, and then got a bottle ka black grape on the way home.a few of the guys were playing a sort of poker game for a really good pot back at the flat. all this, (minus the wine, just in there for effect) including about £3.00 loose change, a 330ml can of fanta fruit twist and a little cherry pack of maoam. valena won the lot, and a ate the maoam, it was so nice!

cat, just chilling on a car.jimlad won poker, and took all the beans home. john was in the final with him, pokering hard. i havent won in so long i need to win soon, im in the red now, and im actually paying to play.i had a full glass of said k.a with two full trays of ice in it. COLD MAN SHIIT.mumchambu is: chilln @ da park with chepchumbu nd kid, kwl. 4 people like this.on the till at argos.poster in town.i love narborough road polish meat heads. white socks fully pulled up with sandals? the big no no, but its like a deliberate ploy to ignore that, as if to state that they have got bigger fish to fry, like crossing roads and drinking lech.they have fully gotten rid of the play park on imperial park. ill keep you updated as to wether they are making it better, or just getting rid. at the minute, its well shit!I GOT MY CASE OF KA BLACK GRAPE FROM WORK!!!! subach took it back in his car when he came in, then i went and grabbed it from his shop, it was cool having a little chill in there again, took me back to old times!!!! i put the lot in the fridge.football on sunday, and it was fucking brilliant! ive just had news that tom evans' hours have changed slightly at work, so he will be able to play from 5 every week. jamie campbell is back for summer as well, its gonna be MONEY!!!!

the sun was out too, and it was fucking mental hot! eric and jimlad were laying down stairing at the sky after the match talking about how disorientating it is just looking into the blue space. cool.MCDOG MCRUFFYmandana and boothroid @ darryls house. you dont know about alter-ego's. yeah, so, like i said, recording some new stuff for boy kid cloud and its sounding pretty good! we are on at sophbeck on the 13th supporting a1 bassline, so come down!oh my god. today was so hot, i spent the whole day chilling. my jobs were to clean the kitchen and go asda. i did neither, there is always tommorow. after sun bathing in jamies back garden and talking about old grime and the streets we went to the quay.
oh shit! before that, jamie shown me some sweets and that he had got from when he went to NYC. i was so pissed, they all looked so so good. caramel mars bars, tropical skittles, fucking nerds, it was mad.blake made a passing comment about how jamie used to not have hair, now he does and jamie took it the wrong way. real angry, jamie said something about how blake shaved his off, so they are opposites, and they both got super pissed off with each other and wouldnt even look at each other. blake goes "no, im not talking to that prick".hof LOVES the sun. i remember having a chat with him when we had a super hot day in march about how the world is so better when its sunny. max also threw a ball at a girl. HIGHLIGHT


seriously fuck this fucking wasteman. his make-up covered face looks like those joke guys you used to see pictures of on the internet going to the ball or whatever with the real spikey hair. arsehole. i just feel like akon wasnt cool, then he became cool, then released loads of shit, brought this fucking div through, and now he has lost me again. look at his, smug all so punchable face, fucking dickhead. i hate guys who really shouldnt be rich and famous, and his bit on that lady gaga track is so so so bad. imagine these bare music guys from back in the day, like fucking james brown and shit listening to him, they would kill themselves. fucking diamond earing cardigan and tie dickhead eurovision prick.

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