Tuesday, 9 June 2009


alright guys, this is taking so so long! i cant flick between editing the html (to insert youtube videos) and compose, to write on the blog, ive been stuck on this same stage for about an hour, so im just gonna keep it seperate, the week in pictures, and the week in video.

and what a fucking cracker its been. im sure you have already seen blake and dan fighting, i had a really good weekend, i recorded some new next man ting demma demma with darryl.

ive got some bad news to say to you. the good weather has gone. summer is over, and its been grey and rainy about 94% since my last post.you like this nice printed on this box of bottled water at work? i really liked it, it looks proper posh and well made. nice colours too innit. jamie, the cunt beat us all at poker and took home about £40. home and them were just chilling playing ufc.WAAAAAAAY! this was darryl picking up the cheese that i spilt, no inuendo (sp) doesnt it look like he has a high-top and a strange, dis proportionate body!!? ha ha.hof was talking about when you first cum inside a girl, and melt.it was about 11 o clock at night and these three really young kids were pure snackeling out! no mum zone!long story, but jimlad managed to get me a free sailor jerries and coke, thanks alot for that mate (y)by now, i was well well smashed. food at brighton beach was really good. i remember asking strangers for bites of there burgers.for some reason ive got this lad saved as my wallpaper on my phone, the only thing ive got is that a couple of the lads were calling him chris evans. fuck knows, im gonna get rid of that now actually.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AND THE SOPHBECKER ALARM IS FUCKING POPPING OFF! KING OF CLUBS, KING OF THE NIGHT CLUBS! TALL BOOOY!!!! WICKED WICKED WICKED!!!!after brighton beach we went to sophbeck and it was fucking light by the time we got out. we got back to the flat at about 6 o clock, and man had work at nine. rough as arseholes, i trecked across west leicester in the pouring rain, and finally made it to booker. cheers, god.nothing to call home about, dont worry.THE MOMENT WE HAD ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! blake came over the horizon and it was oorrrrrn RIVERSIDE ARENA HOSTS: it was fucking amazing, scroll down for youtube videos.football was slightly shadowed from the above events, but it was all good. we all had a really good match and the sun even showed up breifly. brilliant.last night, we went out for a couple of drinks for jamies birthday, and bradley was on a fucking mad one, just laying in the middle of the road!!!! crackers!after loading up on some alcohol and all acting like loud, slightly drunk arseholes we went back to the flat and compete in some cool, competetive competitions, check the videos down the page.NEXT WEEK IT IS SO ON!!!! THE BIG NEWS. set in stone the other day just before football junior and billy are gonna go hard at it!!! $ $ $ $ $ $ $WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - DANNY DYER

fucking gay pussy bastard. its so suprising how high up girls charts this cunt makes it. what a fucking arsehole. i saw an advert at my mum and dads house last night for this pricks new film, and it just seems like another one of them weird, shit, floppy joke films like severance. what an arsehole. COCKNEY, FUCKING HAVE A PINT, FOOTBALL FACTORY!!! what a prat, aparently he fucking shits himself on the real football factories program, what a fucking pretensious twat. and then look at this picture, deal sealed? i think so too.

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