Sunday, 14 June 2009


i couldnt work out how to actually spell the word. you alright? ive just looked at the fucking time, ive got to get back to the flat and pack, and then ive got to be up at 7, im going london tomorow.

kyle went even futher aloft this week, he went spain. he told me a funny story saying he got really drunk, his back was all brown. this is him wearing my jacket when me him and dan walked into town the other day. i like listening to kyle speak to amy on the phone.YEAH BOYS! me and dave decided to go again going and getting shit chips from super-fry and borught some cheese, some ham and some our catering company on and made 12 identical sarnies. they tasted fantastic and it was very fun making them.POKKKERRRRRR: fucking loads of people played, i lost, george won. george won it.the following morning, i made a lovely sandwich. it had beans, 3 rashers of lovely market bacon (that rose got for me as part of a hamper of cold and raw meats and cheeses, for a moving in present) and sausages. it was fucking wicked. dan luuuurdat smell of bacon cooking, so its all good in the kitchen.look. the bread was so thick and fucking spot on, it tasted like a dream. only a bit of brown sauce would have made it better.a young alan shearer in nuts yesterday. what d you think? he looks like me a bit orrrrrrrrrFOOTBALL AND FIGHT TIME. this week it was billy and jr, and im sure if you are this far down, you have already watched the videos, it was a bit fucking strong. eirc came down with his dog reefer, and the boys started to go hard at it. jr won in the 5th round by was fucking intense. the score went from us leading 6-3 to them 8-6 to 8-8 to us 9-8 to 9-9 then they scored the winner, one of the best most tiring games ever.

i honestly dont have a wasteman for this week, its beggining to get really fucking hard and im begginging to have to look for it, rather than a wasteman just emerging. me and dan got the t.v sorted at the flat, so now im a bit more in-touch with news and media, i can keep an eye out and swear about people who have a lot more money than me, and couldnt care what i think.


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