Tuesday, 23 June 2009


last night, i felt like i wanted something to do in my room before i went bed. i started looking for some old data discs and came across one with loads of gold on. check out how old some of these babies are!

this file was called "tom+aaron+billy at bens after school."a couple of drawings from stefan at college.this picture was from college, during the last world cup. they were doing an offer where if you got one meal, you got another sandwhich free, so a meal was fries+2 mc-chicken sandwiches+drink+free NUS cheeseburger. four of us cleared this lot in one sitting.
four hundred and thirty two empty cans.i dont know who did this drawing, i think it was jim wright. L-R: ris, jim, abe, ricky, tom (?), hof, tom and kyle.the boys at college: stefan, me, jon and sam.

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