Wednesday, 2 September 2009


easy. been drinking a fair bit this week. saw a woman in the chipshop, with out any kids and she had a cloud with a rainbow going behind it on her cheek. made me laugh.

went to the premier of summer on lock at the boardroom, and saw bare man down there. wickedland representer sam taylor was there, check out his pictures from the night of bare guys taping cans together here

things were beginning to get a bit messy by now.

it was mosh that night, and i had to get a picture with dwayne. saw him today, and we were chatting about this night for a bit, not remembering alot.

when them lot went onto sophbeck, i gave it a miss, seen as that i had work at 7.30 the next morning. i embarked on a walk some, so lonely it makes oldboy feel like part of a football team. i took a picture of me walking home, and a picture of a hedgehog i saw.

last week lesta was doing that thing where it cuddenly stinks of shit again. it was fucking rank. i was on the vk's at mosh, so my hangover was horrible. i had to walk home which was ok, but a mission and i was mad tired and still a little drunk, seen as that i got in at about 5.

went round blakes to watch the arsenal manu match, jamie was hyping because they got a penalty turned down. ended up 2-1 united, and wenger got sent off.

saw ricky on his bike. YUH YUH YUH YUH YUH thats real 2006 big pimping style ricky shit.

went for a chinese after football on sunday with john, jamie, george and bonham. bonham was busy hollering at some girl on a balcony near the new highcross, but she was just on the phone. he even got onto the balcony ledge at one point, but she wasnt down.

football on sunday was possibly the best ever. siiiiiick.

after that, we went to firefly for a couple, so that was a laugh. aint been there in ages. it was bank holiday sunday night/monday morning, so it was quiet busy. we went onto superfly too, that was standard. always the same there really innit. me and john noticed the time, and figured that we had to be up at silly o clock the next day.

some lad getting some street sleep in.

i swear you used to be down, and then you grew your hair out and turned into a bitch? fair play, he is in one of the best usa sitcoms, or at least used to be, then turned into a bit of a soap after the 3rd series. its all too much story lines these days and not enough chilling with turk. then look at this boy in movies. fucking emo bitch, always in some love shit, and when you think about it, he is just about the weakest character in all of scrubs. thinking about the way that he fell off really pisses me off man. take that shit about to 2001. series two for life.

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