Wednesday, 16 September 2009


fuck me, as i just loaded up the photos for this weeks wickedland photo post extravaganzaaaa i noticed alot of the pictures involved food and drink. i need to remind myself that this isnt delia smiths blog, let alone jamie olivers. its mine. and im not a chef.

seen this deal at tesco near work? that makes them 84p each, and thats reduced. i thought that multipack cans were not for re-sale too. TOO BE SOLD AS PART OF A MULTIPACK. i see no pack, just a sticker.

went polar bear for one on thursday night after work. dan and bradley love that two at a time shit.
some nice sunset and a strangley square cloud near upperton road bridge. the weather is still pretty glorious. me and jamie had a grime night at mine, temporarily crashed by george and blake, and then they went out. i also found out that the indian supermarket near royal chicken has been selling black grapes the whole time. i got a bottle of that thing innit. gonna get another one in a, we got the oldies out. i also heard that they are making lord of the mics 3, and that ghetto is gonna clash p money. its funny, because just that night me and jamie were on about how there is no good clashes these days.

here's what we were watching, crazy titch vs bruza (lotm1) and skepta vs devilman (lotm2)

at work i noticed that jack daniels have made a spelling mistake on 250,000 boxes sent out to all over the u.k. sqaure instead of square. milli and hof were telling me that night that they might be worth a bit, and then we spoke about buying a boat. (i spent a little while just now trying to spell yahct, or yatch or whatever.)

i was walking with kyle, hof, milli and valena to go to nat's house warming party/ nat's housemates birthday. it was a sitting down affair, but the drinks were flowing, so it beat staying in, (although there was a good programme on match of the day that night.) nat and her house mates made a bowl of tropical fruit punch and valena was chomping the fruit like nobodies business. she was fucked that night.
ever pretencious jamie campbell got some sushi from tesco garage on the way to football this week. when we got to the feild, he made sure everyone saw it. football was still good this week, great turn out. dan is playing this weekend and as it is jamies last weekend in lesta, he wants to do olders vs youngers again. yeah boy. that night valena made stuffed peppers, stuffed with pork mince and rice. they were fucking lovely. she has got virgin, so we watched some on demand tv and chilled.hat-trick tonight orrrrrthis is the contempt look of two young men ready to embark on a journey. thats right, i bit the bullet and went to do my asda shopping. i got some nice things, but nothing quiet as nice as....cremy! the banana flavour wheat cereal. i hate it how rascist these kind of old style designs can be. just because it has a young black lad on the box, it means it has to be banana flavour. i couldnt find stawberry or any other flavour for the life of me.this is a nice portrait of how the world is chaging, dont you reckon? SAT NAV? FUCKING SAT NAV? when you think of a typical car booter, do you think of a ayo-technology head? me neither. how modern.ergh!!!!! waaaaay too much. i know what you are thinking. surely just brother and sister, out on a little walk. no way, or atleast i hope not thought me and hof when we saw the lad grope the arse of the girl. awful. they were both so pale and pastie looking. that evening, fresh with shopping from asda, i made that chicken and rice dinner for valena. i think it was the best one i ever done. i used red pepper, yellow pepper, red onion, brown rice, chicken breasts (he he) peas, some jamaican seasoning, salt and lemon juice (pictured). fuck me it was delicious.when i went to the bank yesterday, i saw drogba in town. this was the best photo i could get seen as he was a massive bloke, and was looking at me like he could eat me for a snack. deffo him though, ask no questions.

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