Wednesday, 2 September 2009


YEAAAAH BOY. got back from hitting newcastle with elsa and john. it was sick, wicked time. we travelled by coach, so it was long, took about 6 hours each way. cool though, reading magazines, and chit chatting with jonh.

swine flu is so last week, but apparently some bitch at some service station didnt get the memo.elsa got on at doncaster and got straight on it. im not going to say what, but if you know elsa, im guessing you can make a pretty educated guess.
wicked! got our place for the night sorted. three man up in a little hotel called the sortees, turns out lenie henry is a wasteman. travel inn were trying it for 75 pounds a night and no rooms for three. some jordie legend called craig who worked on the sortees sorted us out big style with a big man room.
at saint james park (the home of newcastle united football club) representing.clock the wasteman with the half bald crazy hair do. he was mad funny.we were high up, it was a proper nice stadium. pissed it down horrible at one point.WAAAY

^ a little wrestling match we filmed in the hotel room, no homo.

i didnt take any pictures of us going out that night, but it was fucking brilliant. we all got really really smashed. you can see a couple of little clips in the video at the bottom of this post. really really good night out though.

aaron and kim have a restuarant up north, doing there best to keep it on the quiet.

newcastle college will do, seen as we didnt see the angel of the north. this is a little video of different clips of stuff that happened while in the north of the country. CHECK IT OUTTTTTTT

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