Friday, 9 October 2009


yep, its that time of year, im back at uni. also some other bits and bobs have been happening recently. ive been drawing, so ill scan some pictures and put them up in the next few days. saaaafe

kyle is turning into dappy more and more everytime i see him. last time i saw him, he was wearing massive glasses and even i was taller than him. he keeps ringing me and freestyling down the line.i took my dog for a lovely walk on sunday, the weather was proper nice, it was dead hot. he is proper better at walking now, i took him shops and everything, he was dead good.back. actually progressed this year too, so im doing new shit. so far we have got loads of work layed on us, so im going to be pretty busy!this guys little bag (the one that is on the floor) is full of all old apples, oranges and bananas, he had loads!went into one of them rank pound shops to buy a photoframe and saw this. a canvas printed with loads of pictures of michael jackson on. loads of the pictures were well pixelated, it was awful. i didnt see one for farah fawcett.went asda with valena and emily. i didnt get that much stuff, but somehow i spent 30 quid. its ok though, because the more i think about it, the more stuff ive actually got. like its been most of a week since we went and ive hardly used anything.i love these people. these are the great people that make the world brilliant. the people who dont just walk by the news stand and have a little look at page 3. the guys who actually remove the first page, so everyone can just have a nice little look. cheers whoever you are.

these are the same people who buy either a porn mag or something like the daily star and scatter it across the road and pavement.LE5. i know.met up with darryl the other day and we had a mooch around the town. he went by that shop that sells caps next to the market, and not only seen a hat with a massive embroided zoot leaf, but the most horrible shoes. like some snakeskin winkle pickers.recorded round darryls for my mixtape. its going to be out so soon too! all ive got to do is get one lad to do one verse, and finish the double up on one track. after that, ive got to mix it, but that wont take too long, then its finished!im not working thursdays anymore, its wednesdays now. this wednesday i had one of the best and worse days ive ever had at work. had to go out on deliveries with this agency driver. it was fucking sick at the start, just loads of this, proper sunny, driving around in the truck.

but then as the day wore on, i realised what an annoying prick the driver was. he just never fucking shut up. he was talking that much that he kept missing turnings on the sat nav. he was proper stupid too. as he left the depo, he was supposed to be heading for wigston, and turned onto the motorway! i told him this cannot be the right way, and he realised he had put northampton into the sat nav. fuuucking hell. he spoke at me. so much so, that after i gave up on just sitting there and perfectly timing going "yeah.... yeah....really....yeah" i played a game where i stayed silent for as long as i could. it was 12 minutes (12 fucking minutes!!!) before he asked a question or said something that prompted resonce.

also, he was a really really shit driver. kept stalling, and trying to take off in 3rd gear. when we got to foxton boating locks late that day, they told us that they didnt want to delivery until 2, so we had to wait around for an hour. i thought rather than listen to this bloke talking at me i would go for a walk. it was so cold by that time, and i only had my t-shirt on.

and i dont like country weirdos. CITY. fucking villagers. when he went to do the delivery for them we had to load up this wheel barrow and wheel it over a lock with a little footpath and down this hill. i was thinking, its not the fucking 17th century.

there was this drippy lad who worked there, only about 22, 23 years old and he just had no will to live. nothing about him. every single day working, seeing the same 20 people who come for lunch in his cafe, next to the canal. thats it. no new faces ever. how fucking boring. i overheard him talking to some old bloke and you could just tell from his minimal responces that this was not what he wanted to be doing.

fuck the country, fuck villages, and fuck the weird village folk. send me a city anyday.

big news out in the country.wednesday evening was cool though. me and valena got together with dave and laura and we went to see the invention of lying with ricky gervais in. it was fucking awful, honestly one of the worst films ive ever seen, and i fucking bum that little fat bastard. avoid it, at all costs.

however, after that we went to the highcross for a few drinks and it was really good fun! i felt so tired the next morning, but it was a proper cool night in the end.
i hope its not just me getting gradually more stupid as time wears on, but they have got this wrong. surely, this means if you dont have all of the above, then no entry. have a little read.mild racism on the cover of the inside magazine as booker opens its first brand abroad, in india.


in the way that some of you might have before, i watched some tv the other night. i realised this advert was still running. why? i can think of two reasons. one is that swiftcover landed the services of iggy pop and thought yeah,. we should use him, and the nation loves it, so the advert is still running and swiftcover iunsurance are doing better than ever.

or they hate everyone and want to punish them, then when you take out insurance with them, you get a special cheat code to enter into your t.v so that you dont have to watch that advert anymore.

either way, it does not change the fact that iggy is a rank, old, hair cut needing, fake tan, put your fucking body away, grandad, anorexic fucking wasteman, and needs to be shot. fuck off our t.v's you annoying, american twat.

like i said earlier, some drawings going up soon, maybe sunday. see you later

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