Friday, 16 October 2009


its been a while since i done one of these. but i felt i needed to because this was going to be a fucking beast.


firstly, like with any sandwich you need bread. i managed to score this loaf from work for 25p because it was a short date.for this particular sandwich you need to toast the bread. once toasted, put mayonaise on half the slices, and butter on the you can see, i was making four of these. thats some production line shiiiit.iceburg lettuce as much for colour as anything else, bare healthy and crunchy! wash it off first or you are a tramp.then ham, i use two slices for each sandwich, but you can use more or less. this one was honey roast cured ham. after that, get some tinned sweetcorn, possibly the nicest thing in the world and put on a good scoop for each sandwich. following this, make a layer of chorizo. if you dont have chorizo to hand, salami or something like that will work fine. i put four slices in each sandwich.then its cheese time. for me, its got to be that mature shit, you know the black bag cathedral city one? nice thick slices, about 7mm.after that, microwave that whole thaaang for about 30 seconds, then cut in half and serve. these were every bit as good as they look. hey! im going to make another when i get home.



i got my student loan so i went shopping. fuck spending it on materials, im draining the system and i dont care.

football on sunday was actually really fucking cool. there were only 6 of us, but we played this game where you have tiny goals, and to score, all of your team has to touch the ball, without the other team ever touching it. so if you are attacking, and need only one player to touch it, even if the other team gets the slightest little knock on it, you have to start all over again. it was fucking cool. me tom and billy lost to jamie, sasi and ross. bad times.dan got the new fifa. i really like it, it seems to me like they have cleaned up a few of the shit things from 09. like its a bit faster and the reaction times are better. however. if you, like me play as liverpool against john, who plays as villa try not to get too upset when you get some next level cheat to win steez where carew starts in your half of the pitch un-noticed by the ref. voodoo shit.went for a croques with valena, milli, nat and dan. me and dan had cool wraps, it was a big boy style thiiing.the bridge is going innit? i saw some protesters and it is really shit, but what can you do? i felt like saying "your sign aint gonna stop shit". builders doing everything behind her and she was still stood there. get on the bridge and do a hunger strike chained to the underside. go for it. stop pussying around right?

she was talking shit too. she went "now its this, next its that lot, and we cant have that!" she was talking about marios and that, as if they were going to knock that down next.curtis got a hair cut. 4 round the back and sides and short on top.this bloke was sat, facing my direction just smiling with his eyes closed. jon came over, i aint seen him in tiiiiiiiiiime. we had a really good night. dan has also got the new need for speed so we were playing that and chilling. we got a royal it was pretty good.
BIGGEST NEW OF THE DAY. THE BIG ONE. this is honestly the best that the mercury can offer us? this is meant to make you part with your money.WASTEGASH OF THE WEEK - KELLY KAPOOR

now i just was to make sure that people understand that i understand that she is fictional. kelly kapoor is a character on the american version of the office, which, like i said, me and valena have been hammering recently.

this does not stop her being a twat. she is so fucking annoying, just even when you thinkt hat there are actually people in the world like her. so fucking child like. turns out, the lady who plays her, mindy kaling is one of the writers of one of the programmes which i think is one of the best things on tv (or in my case, the internet at the minute.)

so its swings and roundabouts. doesnt stop me watching this bitch and thinking what a fucking twat. if you know, you know. if you dont i cant explain.

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