Thursday, 22 October 2009


its been a good relatively busy week, but when i look back in pictures, it doesnt seem all that different from usual events.

one thing was the other day i got on the busiest bus ive ever got on. fucking hell it was mental. why is it all of a sudden all of the buses that were double decker have become single decker? this was fucking rammed it was horrible. i found a seat after a while, and i counted 17 people standing up.waiting for a return bus JLS were at the bus stop up fosse park.
poker last thursday, as ever, jimlad won, but i had a nice lead at one point. that probably goes to say that i shouldnt agree to play tonight, but i already have.
saturday morning was the first morning where i left out for work and it was dark. its the beginning. you know them depressing days when you go work, and its dark in the morning, and then by the time you get out, its dark again? fuck that.
if you were creating something, would you create it so that it did 2/3rds of its job? no. neither would i. the toaster at work only swallows 2/3rds of the bread, thereby only toasting as much. its fucking bullshit. every single time i use it, i always turn it half way through, and end up burning my fingers.

xerox ferox was this weekend just gone, and i was really happy with what i drew. i took photos on pete's camera, because i aint got one. i took a picture on my phone too, but it was shit, so ill hang on until he sends me them.
football on sunday was cool. i dont think i mentioned it last week, but i messaged a lad on facebook about playing. they turned up, and we had an 8 a side, 30 minutes a half match. we scored (1-0) then they equalized, and left it at 2-1 before half time. straight after we come out for the second half, with george up front he got one straight away, making it 2-2. then we scored two more goals and the final score was 4-2. it was well good and i think we well be playing them again next week.
billy scored a fantastic back post header.
i found this in valena's room. it was off the front of an old calendar, good innit?
also, i need to buy a midi keyboard. i rang darryl and he said that the old academy of sound has got them for like 25 quid upstairs. i missioned over and found this note on the door, i was crazy upset. to top things off, i decided to get a subway on the way back down to uni, and it was fucking shit. subway aint what it used to be.
the next day, i was walking into town in my brand new shoes. i had wore them about twice before this time, and i was being super super careful. sure enough, i stood on a perfectly normal looking slab and it flipped covering my right shoe in muddy water. i couldnt even tell anyone, because i was alone. the best i could do was take a photo and wait until now.
after town i went around darryl's to record another track for my mixtape. its so nearly done, in terms of vocals ive just got to get one more verse nailed, then its down to mixing it. i reckon im going to put it out after my holiday.

awfully sorry to all those who wait for it, but i have no wasteman of the week for this week, i simply havent found someone who has pissed me off. i bet there is someone if i really think, so if i do, i will make a special wasteman of the week post mid week, when i do odds and bodds part 2. thankyou for reading.

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