Friday, 2 October 2009



yeah, i was looking back over the weeks events and thats more or less it really. a load of gory shit to welcom us to the witching month. hope everyone is ok, this weeks been good. ive gone and re-enroled for uni, so ill be back in lessons next week.

first things first, start off more chilling. dave from work made a hat out of a box. also we have a new lad (called sam) who started yesterday. he is sound.

i won poker for once didnt i? it was all over in the first blind level, and cleaned up £25.
this is a photo of a very unsuspecting me, waiting to go into the office to get my injections. i got to have some shit for when i go away in november, it didnt really hurt, but was a bit sore for a couple of days.shiiiit. you dead. im more of a dog person anyway.aaron is always doing them mad slide tackles. ben had one put on him, and although aaron got the ball, he came off pretty bad.jimlad has also fucked his ankle up. look at how swollen that shit is? fucking hell mate. 3 torn ligaments, and he is gonna be in a cast for tiiiiiime.we had a couple of work experience lads in. here to experience work. the experienced workers. one is called travis from lanky boys, and one is from riverside called owen. they sat for an hour in the canteen next to each other like this and didnt say a word to each other. it was so funny.size of that fucker ay! calm down nature, fucking heeeell.i saw this bird walking and shit had them sort of knitted wool boots on. she was walking, and as she stepped with her left foot, it was sliding off the sole, to the inside, and onto the wool. WALK PROPERLY YOU TRAMP.yeah boy! went to cafetwoten for that real good fry up, it was fucking dope. i always love that shit, but you cant have it everyday, else its just not as good.i was ready the paper and saw this. "40 is the new 20".

firstly, everyone knows that new is shit. nobody likes the versions of things, old is where its at.

secondly, in the whole double page spread, there wasnt many 20 year olds saying it. i think let the actual 20 year old decide whats the new 20, as they are...20.

and finally, whats wrong with just growing old gracefully? thats the beef with madonna. just make like tom jones and let your hair go grey. accept your age innit? stop striving for the approval of youth.CHECK OUT THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

went round to record something with keiron the other day. got a little thing done to go towards his mixtape. also, we recorded a little video just chilling in his car SPREEYUNG SEM BORS.object height="344" width="425">

i was halfway throguh it and i thought, i need to talk about this, this was one of the best things that happened to me all week. i had wickedman chips, beans and cheese from the chippy near work. it was so so nice.still there, still not reduced anymore, and still not a bargain.also, in other bad news have you heard about never mind the buzzcocks? yeah, simon amstell is gone, and replaced by... infact, i was about to wrie out exactly what it says in the picture below. just read it and weep at the really bad news, and the undoubted demise of one of the best programmes on tv.


or a doddery annoying old prick who is "still in the nations hearts." i couldnt give a fuck. i never used to watch his shit when i was young, so im not down with that shit. also, the only time he is about is when he is doing strictly come dancing, and that means its a bad time of year because x factor is on, and its all anyone talks about. i fucking hate strictly to. strictly. bullshit. he has the shittest jokes and that, and everyone sort of lets him off, cause he's old, and he is like the nations grandpops. ah grandpop forsyth, you better play your cards right strictly! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FUCK OFF?

by the way, i was eating my cereal this morning, and watching tmf. basshunters new video came on, and as im sure your all aware, it was the next thrilling installment of the chain link series of videos that tell a story. i think this video is wicked, watch it, and enjoy all the acting and that.

like when he first comes out of the hotel and see's his boys, (0:47)

and when he is on the boat, and she looks over and they are all joking about and enjoying it.(2:09)

its so funny, the whole time you watch it, just try and think of the life he leads. ha ha its fucking so good.

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