Sunday, 3 January 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! LONDON 2010. how many times have you said "oh ten"? as in "oh nine". haha. anyway on with business, stop talking. the coat was gone from the tree.i went for a nice subway with jimlad, blake, max, george and jamie. i had some meatballs, and they were pretty good.also, in good news and life going well, me and sam went to see leicester play sheff utd. they won 2-1, a brilliant improvement from last season when they lost away to them 3-0. some little lads stitched me and sam up a right jip by offering us some sweets and when we were like "ah yeaah" (my guard was down, cunning little twat, i know rule number one is down accept sweets from a stranger) he handed us the tube to help ourselves and it was fucking empty.

--------------------LONDON 4-------------------

went to london to stay with valena for a few days. we went to the gym and spa one day and it was right good fun. they had a stream room with was like dying, really nicely.also, thick me thought for some reason that on the menu when it says "baked potatoes" it was roasts, and really got into thinking that i was going to get served some roast potatoes topped with cheese. however, i got a jacket potato, i dont give a fuck what you say, its deffo the worse way to prepare a potato. i got fucked over by myself.

but there was time still!!!! me and valena went to zizzi that night, and i got my nice little potato's but i had a fucking brilliant pizza. the lady had goats cheese ravioli. oh i do say.fuck best in, fuck bestway, squeezy mint sauce, watery as fuck? fuck off. HAPPY SHOPPER IS THE ONLY ECONOMY BRAND THAT MATTERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSShe's so damn good at it.fuck cinema (i just miss typed it and type conema, and thought it sounded funny. son-emma.) when there is little on, lets just go to blockbuster on the way home and buy bare dvds for about 30 quid. NOT BADat the train station in london they had this vending machine with all computer mouses, memory cards, USB memory sticks and stuff. (i know what you are thinking; he has fucked himself there. the plural of mouse is mice right? WRONG because mouse as in computer mouse is an acronym and stands for manually operation user selection equipment, so... mouses.) i thought this was a but posh and southern, until jamie told me he has seen them in sheffield.back in lesta, and seeing kids trying to get served for gaymers cider at tesco's. home sweet more about getting cheesecake slices for 95p YUUUUUUUH HOW WE LIVING.puntsing back through the rain to get home though aint really cool. i was fucking freezing.and as if things were not bad enough i got home and because the bottom of the box had got damp, it split, letting washing detergent out everywhere. man was not happy. it was shit.that night billy, tom, aaron and ben came over. it was good, they all played computer games, i sit and draw and that. not really a cod head.the next day me and jamie went into town on a real quick one because i thought i had a delivery coming at four. when i arranged it the guy said 4 -7. so at about 3 i rang him asking if her could change it to 5 -7, he said no. so we rushed around pointlessly, and then when we were on the bus home at about 3.55 i rang him to say i will be back soon and he said "ah dont worry, i wont be round until about 5 anyway, we havent even loaded the van yet". he was not round until about 5.30

---------------NEW YEARS EVE 2009/2010----------------

here we go then, apparently at varsity £2.65 for a kroney is something to shout about. whatever, cue alot of over exposed drunken photos of peoples faces.

weapon of choice, double sailor jerry and coke. YUUUUUHdie as you blog.

katie page cannot hold onto drinks, and i got splashed, big style.

still a bit drunk and that, i got up the next day and felt proactive. so i fully moved my room around giving me loads more space, its fucking wicked now. some before and after shit.
the photo does not do it justice, take my word for it, its much better now.

that night, i spent tiiiime playing some demo of a game called trials hd with jr and john. you build massive ramps and that and do jumps off them on a motorbike, but the guy sometimes falls really badly, so its funny. when you go for big stuff, you hardly ever land it, so its satisfying when you do.

here is a video of a couple of really good goals by jimlad on fifa and some trials hd shhiiiit.

i fucking hate radio, but i love it. you get some really good stuff, and in a way that your ipod just cannot, it will bring on old song out of nowhere and you go, fucking hell, this is wicked. but i fucking hate it too.

local radio especially. this dickhead presenter on leicester sound played the radio edit of jay-z and alicia key's "empire state of mind" 4 times in an hour an a half. atfer the last play, he said "jay-z there, deffinately making the best music of his career". deffinately. the blueprint, reasonable doubt, kingdom come and the black album just dont even come close to anything, because jay-z played glastonbury and opened himself up to a new market of 40-something drips who listen to leicester sound and have not heard any other of his songs to pass judgement. so everything else is just nothing. fucking div.

also, i hate those little cut clip things of people interviewed in the street on why they listen to leicester sound. "great music, just all the new tunes, bang em on and just go about my day" "love it, just plays fresh new music" fuck off. come on, fuck off. if you want new music, fuck off to radio one and jam with zaaane. local radio will play about a dozen safe bets through out the day, and through in the occasional james morrison or will young. die.went round aarons the other day too, we watched foot fist way with danny Mcbride in it, and played bishi bashi special. aaron was killing it and me and jr were about the same as each other. i told him to get vib ribbon and now im thinking he should get incredible crisis too.

its funny; xbox is good because everyone has got it, but i still like ps pads better and aaron told me you can download all ps1 and ps2 titles from the online thing for a few quid each, it just sounds wicked.small turn out at football today, but we got it popping, felt tired after though. got really cold walking home too.


ive not felt such passionate venom of hate for a wasteman/gash in a very long time as for what i feel for this dickhead. you know when someone is famous, and you cannot for the life of you work out why? they just seem to have nothing that appeals to you? (like the popular u.k rap star ironic) this guy is one of them. fuck him. fuck novelty songs, they are not funny, not a funny element of comedy. just bullshit. fuck his gay, mincey boy long hair and fucking eye make up combo, i really have no idea why he is famous. and to make matters worse i didnt even know his name, and it took me fucking ages to find him, so that made me even more pissed off with him. i dunno, maybe my words are lost on you, but check out the video below, and then want to dig a grave for his first born.

i hope you have enjoyed reading, and as ever, come back please. saaaaaaaaafe

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