Monday, 9 August 2010


HEEEEEEEEEEEEY, what a weekend. im only just recovering today. here are pictures of whats been going on. im eating a chip sandwich and listening to arctic monkeys second album right now.

i put out an open invitation for someone to meet me and go for a mcdonalds on facebook last tuesday. ben met my offer and we went and did just that. it was really nice, ive not had one in ages, and had a proper craving.

the sky was like this at about 6 oclock on tuesday. it came on really quick, look at the streetlights, even they were too slow.

remember in my last post i mentioned the polish hang out? this is the remains they leave on the daily at that one spot.

went to see toy story again with my little sister on wednesday. shit that film is so good. look at disney pixar's last three: up, toy story 3 and wall e, three really really good films.

got my shipment of fluff. because i ordered that much they gave me a little free american chocolate bar. it was fucking shit.

9 original flavour, 2 strawbs and 1 raspberry.
thats right, bradley turned 21. i know what your thinking... so what? but think about it. he will never turn 21 again, so its literally a once in a lifetime event. so statistically, its more of a big deal than fucking halleys commit or a solar eclipse.

remember ameet from school? he was this lad who was mental into cars. he was on some bus stop advert for leicester college. the advert said "after successfully completing his course, ameet aims to work for ferrari."

john wasnt fucking around. no work in the morning meant jeigerbombs and snakebite and blacks for starters.

this guy was on his own on the walkabout dance floor going crazy.

it got to a point in the night where it was just literally wicked-land hands in every photo.

you know in a club it sometimes goes really quiet in between songs? bradley was stood next to this girl and on that quiet bit he said "your roots need doing, you bitch" and then the next song started before she had time to realise what just happened.

a joint effort by dan and katie.

the new rip off scheme with SLR toting photographers is not just to put the flicks on facebook, its to get pissed up guys like john to buy keyrings of your photos. genius.

queue an unreal walk home. me, john and jr pissed out of our little heads. we are all really looking forward to the expendables.

it was half past 5. and light. this is not normal for me. normally, i try to get to bed while its still dark, because ive normally got work at 7.30. but because we were out on a thursday night and not a friday, it was mental time.

john twoked a bag of metro's and we spent the wall home throwing them through open windows, posting them, giving them to drivers at traffic lights ect ect. john even chased a milk float and got it on the back, it was a really heroic but pointless low in all of our lives.

when we went into mcdonalds, there was no-one there, so me aka CrAzY LiL GrUbB the nutjob madhead jumped behind the counter to serve us lot. FUCKING MAAAAAD AINT I

food again, the next afternoon aaron came over to visit and after talking about music and watching compilations of pique on youtube i made us both these delicious sandwiches.
my little sister works in the fish market on the cheese and ham stall. so every now and then she will bring me some nice treats. she did just that wednesday night, and got me loads of cheese, ham, sausages and bacon. all really nice stuff, not pumped full of shit.

i made me and aaron these mexican sausage, bacon and chilli cheese toasted sandwiches with a bit of brown sauce. good doesnt even come into it, they were a fucking dream. imagine eating that still slightly pissed and really hungover. i fucking love eating animals. meat meat meat.
this was a really fun but sad occasion. jr (who im sure if you are a regular reader, know of) is going back to america for good. he came here 4 years ago to study, and we shown him full english breakfasts and the true meaning of teenage pregnancies.

the lads were out in good numbers to see him off.

we all went to peri peri before hand for a really chilling, nice paced munch. jr had not had it yet, and really enjoyed it. he got a grilled chicken. the salads look so so good dont they? i love veg too.

we went to firebug and drank alot. there were loads of people turning up, a really big group of us.

aaron was well well drunk, it was wicked. he took my hat and done that thing where you put your ears outside your hoodie.

parker shown up like "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY AMERICAN PUSSY TO FUCK!?", jack* had to jump in to split it up, it was all getting a bit heated. the fight between jr and parker is not going to happen now.

R.I.P junior sangha 1989 - 2010.

weekends are mental in town in this country arent they? i would love to go to just an average part of france or italy and see how the youths enjoy saturday nights.

me and aaron walked to maryland on the way home. i shown this guy the video below and he wanted me to bluetooth it to him. i got him to give me this picture and i wrote down the address for this website.

at work on saturday morning, i saw this ugly, massive strawberry. to be honest, its probably how food should look innit? not a super model strawberry.

i was chilling for a bit after work with jimlad, blake, john and patrick*.
we went to a shop that didnt have the best grammer.

that night we tried the other flavours of fluff, strawberry and raspberry. i read on the internet that they were not that good, but they are both really really nice. i like the raspberry more.

its happened. booker is now stocking mountain dew. i saw it, and felt like a facist 50's taxi driver
seeing a black man just walking down the street. i knew in my head a shouldnt be angry but i was confused and suprised to see it sat on the shelf next to relentless.
football on sunday was fun, we just had a little kick about on fullhurst field. here are some photographs from that.

that evening, a few of us went to watch jimlad and that lot play down goals. blake was knackered. we then stayed on and had a five a side match in one of the cages. it should have cost us £55. we paid £0.

cheers for reading, ill post something up soon. cheers!

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