Tuesday, 3 August 2010


hey people, how are you all? things have been going on this week in my life, here are photographs with some writing.

i went into that wilkinsons round the corner, the narborough road one and got a really horrible weird feeling. the ceiling is really low, the isle's are too close together and there are far too many staff on hand. ive got to go there in a bit.

i went for a few drinks on tuesday, nothing mental. here are john and liam* discussing something important.

my fluff come, and if you are a regular reader im sure you have seen ive been enjoying very much.

i went to the cinema wednesday night with john and bradley to see toy story 3. it was so so good and very emotional. brilliant though, and 3d is so 3 dimensional!

jake is a wickedland nosebleed warrior, with face paint and everything.

i went to darryls last thursday night to work on some vocals for a new boy kid cloud mixtape. i think the plan is for the release to coincide with the launch of a new night in leicester, sort of like a promo thing.

has anybody seen get him to the greek with the furry walls? in the sound booth at the studio of darryls house there are furry walls, and they are so good to rub. i must have posted pictures of them before.

i made steak sandwiches for me and aaron for lunch one day last week too. cheese, peppered steaks with tomato and red pepper chutney. WOOOOOOW

this is the lead singer of slipknot. he has changed a bit hasnt he?

we tried fluff on toast for the first time. we were not disappointed. prettty gooooood.

seen this on my way to work the other morning. news that im sure has shocked the nation. naaaaaart. why not just come out straight after x factor? its not even a thing anymore is it?

donnay was on the forklift at work on saturday, he was a first timer and i was his banksman. it was hard work but he killed it, dropping pallets all over the whole warehouse maaaaan.

i took in some fluff for jake and keiran to try. they both really liked it and wanted some from the order i got in.

billy is working at booker full time now. this is a photo of him on his fag break. i was going for like when i footballer joins a new team and they have a photo with the kit on, but in this instance the scarf is the kit too.

saturday was the launch of these furrows single "without manner". it was a brilliant start to the night, there was alot of people there and they played really well.

we seen these two pictures in the max speilmann window on the way round to walkabout from firebug. firstly, this lad must feel rough, im sure he is just some guy from round leicester, can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to have this up in the street where everyone can see it?

and then secondly, this picture of this baby girl. i didnt know whether this was ok to photograph, but then max pointed out that its already in a far more public domain than my blog, so its fine. the baby had some weird, horrible dark red/brown stain on her nappy. you would think they would at least photoshopped it out or change her nappy before or even not put the picture up in the fucking shop window where everyone can see it?

by now everyone was well on their way to being pissed of their heads.

on saturday nights a wickedland 'W' stands for work for brad. and that it was. people were getting ejected, female regulars were giving bradley hugs, it looked like a fun way to earn a wage.

john and steven* were well on it.

their was a guy on a podium dancing doing like rodeo moves and stuff, pointing at people on the floor. alcohol is a strange thing isnt it? constantly makes you do things you wouldnt dream of doing sober but you insist on going back to it.

speaking of which, with the meeting of jimlad and blake the night went up a gear when jimlad called jagerbombs all round.

this was the beginning of the end of the night.

on the way from walkabout to superfly john, ben and myself met michael in town hall square. when we arrived he was leaning forward, doing repetitions that looked like he was picking up something up over and over again. we sat and spoke to him for around ten minutes, and he explained (in a very well spoken accent) about nutrition, how cheese and the lard in pork pies will clog your arteries and you will die. we had a little exercise with him and then left.

he said the exercise worked your lower back and abs. it was more just like a shite ineffective stretch.

girls can do anything they like on nights out. zero rules.

jimlad had a drink spilled on his back by someone.

we were drunk out of our heads walking home and it was that late even maryland didnt want to know. brilliant night. i fell off my bike drunk on the way to work the next morning. work was so horrible.

seen loads of friends vhs's fly tipped round the corner near where the polish hang out on the corner of narbs. i thought if only i was a car booter 5 years ago, i could be making a packet.

working on some pop stuff yesterday with darryl. feeling good good good good good.

got a fucking raw banana from the coop. it pisses me off. i dont know anyone that likes green bananas. if the whole world of banana selling just went a day behind with stocking, deliveries and everything, there would constantly be nice yellow bananas on sale rather than green shit that you try to peep and the skin just rips into bits. i ended up having to peel this shit like a fucking orange.

on the way up to football last night this guy was at the lights drinking a coffee and talking on his phone. you cannot do that. ive seen people jamming on the phone before and although its not ideal, you can get away with it if you are a good driver, sure ive seen people supping drinks, and again its do-able. both at the same time? fuck off mate, chuck him in the loony bin because he is menkul!

i was rescanning the freeview last night and this come up. i begged sky sports 1 & 2 worked, but they didnt. also, we lost dave. its a good job its shit anyway.
thanks for reading, ill post some photos tommorow.
*name changed to hide identity of individual.

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