Thursday, 19 August 2010


hello, a lot of these photos are from summer sundae, just pictures that i took on my phone instead of my camera. dan has just gone to royal chicken, ive got washing hanging out and i need to have a shower and that.

you have to look closely but this guys hair is genius. he are not in middle america mate. he had a shaved head with the rankest pony tail ever. what would make him think this is the way to do it?

i love new walk. it used to be a cultural epicentre of leicester, and was the first part of central town to get renovated. then they built the job centre at the bottom and everything went wrong.

like jake told me, they have fluff in tk maxx now. go get some if you wanna try it. im bored of it now to be honest, had too much of it too quick, ive got full jars sat in my room that i dont wanna touch.

had a badmans lunch break with billy on wednesday, it was so hot and lovely.

this was the weather thursday at work. jake walked with me round to tesco.

if your not a grime guy, skip to 1:13. if you are listen and enjoy it.


this was in the musician tent at summer sundae. the rain was annoying, but we got our weekend off to a good start with by the rivers. listen to some of their music here.

seen this guy setting up for the band that was on next. his hat was the same quilted pattern.

yes police mans trousers. i saw him picking up bottles and binning them. i bet when he was going through bobby school he seen like an action montage of his career in his head. jumping over car bonnets, catching master criminals... not being a fluorescent litter picker.

there a bulmers tent where they were giving free drinks of bulmers. its still shit. its not magners and magners isnt strongbow. safe for free though. i won loads of frisbees from them too.

this girl lauren had the best horse wellies ever. it was like a photograph of a painting all stretched around them.

everyone was taking loads of pictures.

chris was 11. battering the strongbow.

the brent-meister-general was in attendance.

walking home one day i got proper soaked. i kept thinking that i was going home to have a shower anyway, so it didnt matter.

when i got back to the park there was a rubicon van giving out free cans of rubicon. it was like a fucking dream come true. look at that for a vehicle livery too, genius.

he has probably got kids ay. only when i come to upload these pictures i spotted alot of them were people dressed all in one colour.

the worst cloud came over us saturday. we were all chilling at the tents, it was proper sunny, and then you could see the rain coming across the field. it battered it down.

someone made me this badge, and it means "fuck knows" good innit.

i like t-shirts like this. they suit these find of blokes. i hate seeing young people in slogan t-shirts.

i was pissed out of my head and really annoying to these two girls. i wanted a photo of there tshirts to show kyle. i think it comes across on their faces that i was being well annoying. fuck them, they look like dickheads anyway.

at what point do you think "im going to have two banded crocks of shit on my face"? festival wanker.

jodi started a fight with this massive girl, and it ended up in jodi getting bit on the back of her thigh. look at poor will trying to calm things down. dont you think the hench girl looks like a lion?

i went to the pub to watch liverpool vs arsenal on sunday too. on my own. i bought a little bottle of orange juice and a can of irn bru (which the barman opened for me, and i wasnt happy about this because its almost the best bit innit?) and they cost £3.80 together. i had a 2 pound coin out thinking 'that should cover it'.

seen this number plate on the way upto football monday night. how embarrassing. it was a young asian chap, who due to religious ties is probably still a virgin. there is no problem with that, but you dont get a number plate named after a sexual position do you?

new twix ting at work. it looks from the picture on the box a bit like a mars delight but with caramel in the middle. it looks good.

thats all for now, ill try to squeeze in a little one before i go to bulgaria on sunday, because internet might not be doing alot out therrrre.

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