Monday, 23 August 2010


you may have seen this on facebook yesterday:

This is a stub from coach ticket back from luton airport to leicester. I wasin luton because i was supposed to be flying to bulgaria at 9.50 tonight. turns out the 23rd is tommorow, not today and subsequently meansthat you should deffinately double check your tickets and make sure youget to the airport on the right day.unlike me. a coach to leicester and back down to luton tommorow was£27.70, a lot cheaper than spending the night and all of tommorow in a holiday inn room.

so ive been at home all day today waiting to leave out again. my coach leaves town in 40 minutes, and this is a job i forgot about having to do before i leave. here is quickedland.

jake got beat by 64 year old dave in a arm wrestle. jake is 17.

went into town with jamie and seen three indian women getting a stranger to take their picture. it made us laugh, they werent even in the new bit of the shires.

hmv sells clothes. clothes for people who just watch dvds and play games and have no idea how to dress.

this woman was begging attention in town too. sat on the floor when there were perfectly good benches next to her. fuck hippie types. just jumped up tramps.

i stayed up late and got fucked over by the new tiger woods. as you can see, i had to complete the challenge in 6 strokes or less. i did. it was a friday, and i had to be up the next morning for work at 6:30. you know when its really late and simple things on games become really hard? it was like that but i promised i would stay up late, and feel fucked the next day to complete it. this was at 1:20, when i found out i could have just had a nice early night.

the next morning keiran made a really easy sausage and cheese sandwhich for breakfast using cocktail sausages.

this was my lunch on saturday.

as i explained above, i travelled to luton yesterday. on the way there, on an empty coach this 17 year old pakistani girl came and sat with me for a bit. she didnt shut up. she told me about everything to do with her life, including her boyfriend of three months who is from turkministan and his nickname is chiki wiki. her dad doesnt know about him. she was trying to get me to call her a paki too because then i knew she was pakistani and not indian. i disproved religion by explaining about divine intervention and how innocent good muslims are dying in the floods and she left me alone.

this woman picked up frankie boyells book at the whsmiths in the airport and was quoting bits out loud and laughing. this was not long before i found out i was checking in for the wrong flight. people laughed at me when the woman told me my flight was tommorow.
i have to go now, that really was quickedland, so expect i expect spelling mistakes.

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