Thursday, 16 September 2010


hey up everyone, ive got work in a bit, so i wanna get this done before. this a collection of things that ive been into recently. pictures, videos, songs, that kind of thing.

first off is this picture chris barton posted on facebook about a week ago. its of that girl who punched her mate in the face during an x factor audition in the sunday sport with her tits out. incase you didnt know she auditioned for x factor and punched her mate in the face. me and all my mates thought she was underage, but she is 18, so boner is OK. who's clever idea was this? i honestly dont know who would have been watching x factor that night thinking they would love to see her tits. fucking boxing gloves.


this woman is a russian photographer. a lot of the photos she takes are super pretentious topless shit, but them some of them are really good, which maybe makes me think im missing something in the arsty topless ones.

either way these couple are from a place called Gorelovka.

"Gorelovka is small village in the middle of taiga in 800 km from Novosibirsk. This place is hard to find even in the Google Map. That's why it is the best place to escape and hide. Many years ago Christian Old Believers came here to avoid church reform. Then 'kulaks' (wealthy peasant) chose this place to escape from Soviet rule. Now many 'new world antagonists' came here to live without passports, internet, personal numbers and government."


have you seen this from some american tv show? bitch eats the watermelon haaard.

saw this ^ from somewhere. i cant remember where. his name is dimitri tsykalov. google his name and go on images to look at more stuff.

from one dimitri to another, but spelt differently. this has been one of my favourite things recently. i come across his show by pure chance browsing 4od and looked into his back catalogue. i would under stand why his comedy would not be to peoples tastes, but i like it because a lot of it is to do with graphic design sort of stuff and this and that. he is really talented and his comedy is really clever. you can still catch a few episodes of his show "important things" on 4od, and then just illegally download everything he has ever done. i strongly recommend him.

this is some tarrant on tv shit my sister shown me. enjoy.


ive been really getting back into early arctic monkeys recently. i watched a live show they did and found this song, a b-side from somewhere. i really like it.

i thought of a new way to breath life and legs into this feature. instead of looking through increasingly slimmer folders of old phone pictures on my hard drive, why dont i just dip back through the wickedland archives for moments of yester-year? i understand people who look at my blog now may not have done so years ago, and im going to pick out some favourite moments from the last couple years.

this is when kyle lost a game of rock, paper, scissors with dan and billy and as a result kyle had to get wrapped up in bubble wrap and kicked into the canal. here is a video of it.


he is it aint he? you cant fucking get away from his very similar house beats. whether behind flo rider or the swellhead one from destinys child, he is always there, on reception at work, in shops or from phones at the back of buses. i fucking despise his shit repetitive, cheat code, maths music, fuck off back to europe and take it with you, you gaunt twat. the thing is he is still getting bigger, so we have not heard the end of it yet. honestly he is constantly there. atleast with most people in music who i hate they will release an album, tour it and that and then go away and write the next one for half a year. not him. no rules for guetta. he will just constantly release songs all the time so he is constantly winning the charts. fuck off please.

thats all, ill put drawings up soon, cheers.

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