Monday, 20 September 2010


hiya, this is a pretty short entry, ive had a shit cold all week, nearly gone, hoping to sweat it out tonight at football. there hasnt really been a great deal to report, valena is back because uni starts soon, so thats cool and good fun in my life.

spotted birdman in leicester again. reports of him in sheffield. i dont know how long he has been back, i might be dead late on this one.

ive been doing a re-lay at work, where head office send pictures of what they want the shelves to look like and its my job to make them look like that. its cool, time flies, its a bit more physical and there is something to achieve at the end of it, rather than just stacking the shelves.

look at how fucking good this shit looks. this was my work on wednesday.

seen a gypsie using a horse and kart near work too. good photo for visual symmetry innit?

also in work politics, head office came and took the radio. fucking bullshit. apparently even the little boombox in reception playing the radio is classed as 'broadcasting' so the powers that be took it away. see me in reception saturday morning resting my head on my hand with a sneaky little headphone in my ear. looooool.

this is the re-lay i did thursday night. mental innit. looks pretty good if you ask me. the big gap in the second bay is for some stock that was coming in.

worked out some music at darryls the other day. josh come over because it was his last day in lesta before moving to london to go uni. me, him, darryl and ella all grabbed one string of this bag and pulled it hard as we could in mourning. mourning the loss of the best ringlets in leicester. bye josh, gone but never forgotten.

seriously, does anybody really give a fuck about banksy anymore? a term that middle aged people use to connect with a young audience, but we left that embarrassing shit behind, and said 'you can have him'. now, honestly nobody from our generation cares, we all got into chrystal meth and anal gape and the term 'banksy' is still crow barred into any piece of media that has the slightest thing to do with art.

on that note, seriously, what the fuck is this? some guy got a load of people to walk around on a certain route to make this. are we meant to give a fuck? why did it make it to the paper really? the guy says it took years to plan. am i missing something or is it just genuinely shit?

seen this too in the metro. 'loose yourself in italy' it said. the woman on the right looks distinctly like a lesbian innit? nice try dyke, ive fucking rumbled you.

i went round laura's house on saturday and chilled with dave and laura. we watched x factor, a phil collins concert on the tv and the warriors. after cyrus gets shot at the start and the warriors flee to the grave yard, one of the warriors is crouched behind a gravestone that says "john bellamy filbert, born at leicester, england, november 28 1848"

aint that some shit.

also, i saw a ferrari stretch limo on narborough road with two young asian lads in the front smoking a marijuana cigarette.
ill see you soon with some drawings i reckon.

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Bitsy said...

i saw those gypsies walking that horse up my mums street the other day.