Sunday, 26 September 2010



been playing tiger woods recently, got some dumb long putt, stupidly good long, 28 metres. i recorded the replay and here it is with a short compilation of some of the best shots ive pulled off with playing it recently.

i have this mug in my room with ink in for drawing. i usually water the ink down a tad, just to make it so its not pitch black. it was too watery so i figured i would boil it on the hob to condense it, thinking about people boiling milk and shit in mugs thinking it would be ok.
after about two minutes on medium heat i heard a loud "tink!" i look back over and this was the case. the bottom of the mug had cracked open with the heat and the ink flooded the top of the cooker. i am lucky to be alive.

as im sure you seen john had a wickedland special. what you didnt see was what goes on behind the scenes, asda's smartprice peanut butter BOOOOOOM DUUUUURKHEAD.

saw this genius woman near the tesco's near work. she must have been 50 and she was rocking then leggings with the little knob slots all the way down.

my work is up this road and round a corner to the left. as i finish, i usually get on this side of the road, bomb down the hill on the path and then when the traffic isnt about i would use the side of this really steep drop curb as a little ramp and bunny hop up into the road. pure good fun. those cunts at the council have tarmacked the drop curb over as seen in the fore ground. im lucky to be alive.

met nat and went for dinner and to go cinema last wednesday. i got the shittest little portion of pasta ever. also, we went to see cyrus. its shit, avoid it. it was fun, despite how shite the evening sounded.

queueing at the cinema, a couple come down the escalators, and down below a load of people (including myself) stood and naturally, they caught everyones eyes. i had a really funny thought that they were a newly married couple and everyone was about to burst into clapping and cheers. im lucky to be alive.

this was just before the rain went crazy thursday evening. nice colour innit?

this mental guy came into peri peri the other night too. he scared people off who were sat at the table with him. i cant remember what he was saying, but it was fucked. im lucky to be alive to be honest.

played with darryl on Friday night at the superfly second birthday bash. it was good fun, rammed to fuck. i spent the whole night just stood at the front going like this. you can see people in the crowd were catching on to it.
good days work.

the beer monster was inside jimlad. he was lucky to be alive.

a nice car at work. under closer inspection it was really really well kept.

£2.30 aint a ting to sasi. normal daaaay. i dont know what it is, but there is something about this photo i really like. the colours and the perspective of the background i think.

here's the ped boys after work today.
although they are gay and annoying to listen to, i can really see the attraction of having one, just pure fun to rip around on and that. the idea of having a friend with one too is sick innit? you know how when you watch the warriors it makes you want to be in a gang? this photo makes me want to be in a ped gang.

something mental happened to charles at football. his head got sucked into the bottle, and he got a little triangle neck because of it. he was helplessly waving his arms around and you could hear a really quiet panicking sound, like when you shout into a glass.
that is all, i dont know whats coming soon. cheers for reading! (and leeds) loooooooool.

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