Monday, 13 September 2010


thats right people! i went fucking mental this weekend so i didnt have a chance to do wickedland. cue a hench entry with all the spills, thrills and frolics you would normally expect from 'the best website on the internet' - the Guardian

big news from leicester last week. bradley in full on sky sports news mode.

this could be a really long boring story. basically a west indian food place has opened up on narbs, a few of us went to go and even with 4 people serving, they could take our orders and money and sit us down to wait. we were at the counter for half an hour before we fucked it off and got royal. bradley waited and got this.

trevor* was smitten by cher lloyd off xfactor last weekend. send her a friend request on facebook. she accepted.

the little treasure chest of bulgarian and greek confectionery i bought back over.

ross is serious about life.

this is his new bike. bad boy shit. when john seen him putting on all his gear to go a mile down the road john asked if it "was a bit carried away?" and ross replied "you cant compromise on safety" and you cant argue with that.

john got done by mormons on the street.

OH U MADDD U MAAAAD. new mango juice at asda, as the carton 1 litre rubicon one is now a shocking £1.56. this was 50p and about 90% as delicious, really enjoyed it.

i drew some tits and a cock releasing ejaculate on georges window in his car monday night.

i went round my sisters for dinner too, it was really nice, lovely little juicy bit of pork with nice potatoes.

tiklesh is the top ranking meat head at booker. this is him posing it off at stock take last tuesday night. some bullshit, ended up staying in ther warehouse until about 9.45. INCREDIBLE HULK

i went to see the expendables with john the next night, it was good, stupid fun.

bare tired from a couple late night/early morning combo's i bumped into darryl on the way back from cinema. sat on the wall of the bonjour garage talking for about 3 hours about bare things. had to be up early the next day, it was shit.

this is the following evening at work. this is booker 10/11 season thursday night line up.

top row: jake, trav, keiran and vinny. bottom row: sasi, andy, me and zac.

made some pop music with daz on friday, it went really well, finished 3 songs.

that evening a few of us were in euro food on narborough road and saw this guys mustache on the tv. big innit. so thick and dark.

roberto* and john got these mixed bottles of brandy and cola. apparently not so good.

went to the abashanti and david rodigan thing at the auditorium. it was fucking sick, one of the first nights in years that ive danced all night, really good vibes inside. rodigan played some stupid good music, a great mix from dub to dubstep to jungle to roots reggae and a little bashment too.

as per usual my face was loosing a bathtub full of sweat.

bare cds on sale at the back.

the crowd were really good although i heard they had 1200 inside and it was nowhere near packed. they are really gonna struggle to pack the venue out, unless somebody unreal comes to leicester. its a dive too, its supposed to be getting done up, but inside it looked abandoned.


it was a hype, alot of booze and shouting.

i got a kfc ipod twist at the services. shitest little joke ever, fuck kfc seriously. more like ipod nano twist. your chips are shit, your drinks are small and your sandwhiches are too expensive. shithole.

nile has replaced sam in the furrows line up and it was his first gig with the band. they did really well, and played loads of new stuff.


after playing tick and singing jesus songs in the tesco metro across from venue with john, dwayne and callum, me and john were trying to hunt out the lasagna sandwich. we couldnt find it. the legend remains. i will find you one day.

we were on the lambrini. the room temperature lambrini.

john fell in love, got off with some pissed girl, and was annoyed all night that the minibus had to leave on time because he thought some advantage head was on the cards.

head out of window like dog. refreshing. i see why they like it so much.

greg knocked over the drinks on erics tray in the services. they cost alot too because services is a joke money innit.

finally do you remember this picture from about a month ago how i got fucked over with tiger woods? i was doing a little challenge and you had to chip and putt three holes in "6 strokes or less". well as you can see above, i did it in 6 strokes and failed the challenge.

yesterday dan went on my players career mode and did it, again in 6 strokes and got a pass. some bullshit real.

thats it then, sorry about the massive wait, i should have done it friday ideally, but couldn't find time. cheers for reading, ill do a good innit soon.

*names changed to protect the identity of the subjects.

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