Tuesday, 7 December 2010


OH WOW, SORRY ITS BEEN SO LONG. basically uni has just been going mental, so ive had to concentrate on that but its a Christmas break, so whats the first thing i do? come here. wiiicked. on to the big changes. as if you have read recently you may know ive been working on a printed keepsake to accompany the website.

you can find this on the new .bigcartel i set up. if you have not read this, you can find the link in the side bar to your right. i have printed a limited amount of both a) black and white xerox ones for £1.50 + £1.00 P+P and b) some colour ones with a gloss cover for £3.00 + £1.00 P+P. i hope people actually want to buy them, i spent a lot of time on them! if you know me personally which about 99.99% of readers do, feel free to grab one from me and therefore eradicate the P+P charges. i would say "they are the perfect stocking filler" but they are not, really.

so thats one. number two is that we are now on http://www.wicked-land.co.uk/. i did it, finally bought the domain, im planning for 2011 to be a big year in the life of wicked-land, so i thought a shorter punchier domain would help that.

number 3 is a new facebook fan page i have set up. please follow the link to the page and like it, i want to see the anonymous faces that jam here but i dont know who you are, also, please help me build the brand by sharing the link to the page. i would love that greatly.

again, im very sorry its been so long since i wrote anything or did anything, ive just really been keeping busy with the uni work. but dont think that things have not been happening because they have! you now can like the facebook page, see the link to http:///www.wicked-land.co.uk on there and then follow the link to http://wickedland.bigcartel.com/ and buy your limited edition wicked-land fanzine to read on Christmas day.

also, below, here is almost two weekly posts that i collated on my phone to post, i hope you enjoy reading even if a lot of it is old news now. cheers for looking guys!

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