Tuesday, 14 December 2010


had my hand in at uni, so ive been working towards finishing my new cd and just chilling really. here is whats been going on.

we had a four way (john vs brad vs me vs jimlad) Olympic games on kinect sports. its fucking battered us, its really exhausting. jimlad won, john and me tied 2nd and then john won the tie breaker and bradders come last.

there was a mad flood in the canteen at work, and this is all the water being swept out of the fire exit door. we later found out that some odd little tap was turned on in this hole in the wall by a member of staff. nobody knows who did it. pure drama and people guessing with no evidence pursued. it was brilliant.

they have changed the labels on the pasta pots at tesco to a paper sticker, and it caused me hell the other day. first time ive had one in ages. really enjoyed it though.

bobby, the guy who owns peri peri came into work to get some drinks and i was trying to sell him these cheesecakes. he took them. the one he has in his hand is one ive seen for years and always wanted to try. i talked him into buying it and told him we would be by later.

this particular one wasnt a cheesecake, just some fucking wonderful stuff.

spotted an error in the sun, they put manchester united's move of the match in the spurs review, the plonkers!!!

we all went for peri peri because it was bens birthday. he is 22. i thought that was mental, it seemed very old.

here is us trying the pie. its fucking siiiiiiiiiiick, lived up to all my dreams. after this we went to some pub for a few drinks and a chat. it was a really good night, i really enjoyed it.

the other night valena made fajitas! i made an extra one with left overs and wrapped it in cling film and put it in the fridge. it was the best lunch ever the next day.

peri peri again on friday. a particularly good one actually. everything was just right with it. i love peri peri, its odd; i seriously cant imagine my life without it now. its a staple of my diet.

we recorded another podcast also. jamie had these heat pad things that he bought where you have to break them up and they supposedly become about 70 degrees c. they didnt. they were about 20 c. loool

literally food has been whats going on this week. im trying not to leave the house much because of the ridiculous cold, and therefore i dont have a lot to photograph. my sister made me and valena dinner on saturday, macaroni cheese with roast chicken and steamed veg. pretty good fun, i love vegetables. but not as much as i love slaughtered animals. we watched cher lloyd get booted out of the x factor.

this was cool. there are always lorries parked up on the main road round the corner from my work. if you look closely, marked out in the dirt on the side of this one is "BOTEV" the name of a bulgarian football club from valenas home town, plovdiv. i did a bit of snooping around and the number plate sure enough had a little 'bg' on it (bulgaria), and there was a little flag on the dashboard. they are not a particularly successful club, so im guessing it came from her hometown to mine! pretty cool innit.
(in other news i accidentally deleted a photo but it also had a satellite dish on the side of the cabin. genius. this must cost so much in fuel because it was more or less facing forward, and one of those little world cup england flags you put out of your car window cuts your cars performance by 2%.)

here is a photo of me, outside the BOTEV stadium in my BOTEV shirt.

i collected my winnings from my x factor bet on monday. ive not felt so smug in a while. i can see why people get seriously hooked on this. in case you havent seen the video yet, here it is.

met up with darryl today to record a track towards the new cd, its so nearly done. im just waiting on a couple of bits, but it should be all good to go for the new year.

here is a video of the track we recorded today.
thanks for looking at the stuff i posted, ill be back with some more sometime soon i would imagine. unless i get knocked off my bike and hospitalised on the way to work tomorrow. "ANGRY" can only hope. thanks!

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