Monday, 20 December 2010


hello all, i hope you are all very well and your central heating is keeping your toes warm in all of your houses. mine are freezing.

wednesday night i went to see jon and baz to help me put down some scratches on my new mixtape. they were brilliant and i had a really good time at baz's studio. he and a couple others built it more or less from scratch, walls, floors and everything a couple of years a go, and its kitted out brilliantly.

i went to london on thursday to go and see valena and lady gaga with her and my sisters. (im not a black man referring to all my successful black woman, i genuinely have two siblings that are female.) i always enjoy the tubes and some of the sights you see. i dont know whether im getting it wrong, but this lad was just jamming on his iphone on his way back from school, and it was just me and him in the carriage. i wanted to mug him just to make a point. GET OFF YOUR FUCKING GADGETS AND THEN MAYBE YOU COULD MAKE SOME FRIENDS.

got to stockwell and i was alone on the platform. it reminded me of creep.

that evening on the way to go and see lady gaga i got onto a packed tube. loads of people were going there, pure buzzing.

some were asleep during the hype and madness.

once we got to the arena i saw loads of genius (presumably) gay people.

lady gaga fucked it up seriously. ive known since clocking some of her acoustic stuff with just her and her piano that she has a really great voice, but i was blown away at points. im a sucker for a big ballad, and the performance of the night was a 8 minute long stripped back version of her song 'speechless'. she is such a brilliant talent and the show was truly enjoyable start to finish.
we were sat miles away in the huge arena, but everything still come across. she was crying and shit, it was pure moaaaash in places. she really enjoyed how many people were there, this was her 4th night of five playing to a sell out crown of 25,000 people and she couldn't thank her fans enough.

even if they were ridiculous.

some pants on the floor of the tube. i dont even want to know.

the press were all there for our gaga performance too, and there was a little write up in the sun the next day that said they enjoyed it.

also another thing i always enjoy when passing through london is the truth in the rumours of how big the jewish community is in north landan. loooool @ yids with their shit hair and crap little hats.

some nooooiyse sunset over the snow. traffic was very emotional leaving london though, took 2 and a half hours to get outside luton.

that night we had a big christmas dinner with the lads. it was brilliant, everyone chipped in a fiver (that im yet to see from anyone) and we bought some food, cooked it and ate it. drinks were drunk, crackers were pulled and we recorded a christmas tag team rotation podcast, coming soon.

in brilliant news, jr is back over christmas and its really good fun having him around again.

george got this little cellophane fish in some crackers, you put it in your palm and depending on the way to folds or curls up he could tell your emotions and deepest feelings. they were all really funny things though like "fear" and "death" ha ha ha!

this was my plate. this was a very proud day.

we did a secret santa too, and george got jamie a lovely little cute cat puppet. he was so nice. it was stuffed with wicked different flavoured m&ms, because george went to new york not too long ago.

the following evening was the staff work party. most of the lads were out. we went to the real china for a meal, it wasnt very good to be honest. i feel so sorry for terracotta. this guy puts in a chocolate fountain, gets a better location and completely steals his gimmick.

we spotted a girl who still had her tag hanging out of her top at the bar too. loooool gutted innit.

after the meal we moved on to some tapas bar round the corner for a couple of drinks with everyone. the lads were on the sangria.

jake was absolutely smasho by about 7 o clock.

as the night wore on a few people dropped off and we moved on to life. sasi was getting on. we were having shots, it was a right good laugh.

we bumped into natalie and it fully became a wicked-land thing. as you can see sasi enjoyed the shots.

bradley popped down after finishing work, and we went for a dance. a lad held up a text he had written out on his phone saying "wicked-land?" and me and bradley buzzed out. he was asking me if i was 'sam, the wicked-land guy?' he told me he is a reader, so big shout to him. deffo one of my wicked-land highlights of 2010.

more than anything bradley is just concerned at the mess outside mcdonalds.

this is one i never understand. by all means wear high heels, if you are fat they make you look ever so slightly more attractive but for fuck sakes why are all girls more into taking them off and having the dirtiest, aids feet and looking completely shameless and disgusting rather than just putting a pair of little plimsoles in their bag to walk home in?
or even those little things designed for exactly this purpose those girls proposed on dragons den.

a dead bird just to bring you back down to earth too. i think it looks almost like a cute bird if that is a thing too to make it worse. i looked really closely in its lifeless face and thought it probably just died from the cold. there was no physical damage to its body.

went to play football at goals yesterday with some of the lads. it was good fun, a welcome change to our standard sunday down the park. the middle of the pitch was frozen solid though, so everyone was like fucking bambi on that shit. looooool

went for a nice peri peri last night with max and jamie after football too. jamie had a strip salad and really got sorted out. look at how much chicken there is here.

actually, his burger was pretty good too. the last few ive had have been really enjoyable. really moist and delicious.

so thats my brilliant weekend. besides the pointless parade of 'who can lick the most arse to get the best marks' that is university im really enjoying living at the minute. i hope it doesn't end. they say you dont realise your in a trof until your coming out of one, or you dont realise your on a peak until you are on the way back down but in this instance it couldn't be less true.

thankyou for reading!

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