Tuesday, 7 December 2010


sorry for the wait everyone, im back to posting now.

us lot spagged out after the recording of the last podcast.

this is how long its been since i did a post. the last post was before it started snowing. i suppose thats how this post will differ, all events will be long gone. either way, we had a little snowball fight after work this day.

shit got cold too, and that doesnt stop frank rocking a big public enemy coat with shorts. fuck you gok wan.

the most punchable face in britain, no question.

this photo sums up the latter part of my year. im dermot in it by the way. ive been constantly haunted by these two individuals, all because of one £10 bet.

max's tv went mental for a minute.

our match got cancelled on the 29th, so me and ben quickly got tickets for leicester vs forrest. we spanked the red twats, and it was brilliant.

also, in really current football events, england lost out on the world cup bid for 2018. to anyone who doesnt really follow football this means england wont be hosting it, and fifa rotate the holding of the tournament between different continents, which means the next time england will get a chance to host the tournament will be 2030.

in case you were wondering, russia won europes bid, yes russia with 9 time zones and crapper weather than us.

john got kinekt for xbox and he has got some sports game, this is aaron and jimlad jogging on the spot for a 100 metres sprint game. its really good fun, a bit like a wii but with no controller to accidentally let go of and smash your tv screen in.

me, max, geo and jamie went for food at leftbank on braunstone gate friday night. it was really nice, geo and jamie went for lasagna, max had a beef burger and i went for a chicken burger. it was really really good, and pretty cheap too. we got through so much mayo.


big news. huuuuuge news. so this is the first time since the shutter came down permanently on royal that there has been any action. the light was on.

i got closer and i could see two men inside, both fixing a spinning meat holder and slicer with screw drivers. i hope they were fixing them. this was about a week ago, still nothing, ill keep you posted.


so we went here as the title might suggest.

it was strange, we thought it was a fast food ting, but we got seated at a table with cutlery and proper place mats and stuff. it was very small, with a couple of families enjoying it. there was a fat indian bloke (presumably the owner) stood behind the counter talking very loudly at people in the room, and a very busy african waitress serving and taking orders.

from what i can gather, "african" cuisine is just anything goes. this cost me £4.50, and could have done with more meat, but it was pretty nice to be honest.

jamie and john got this plate of wonders for little over £8. grilled steak, grilled chicken, a fried egg, white boiled rice with sweetcorn, salad, chips, baked beans and gravy. literally anything goes.

i found out my shwarma opened up and was bigger than my head. pretty happy with that to be honest.

all in all it wasnt too bad to be honest. despite just putting anything on a plate that doesnt go together, it was good value for money. the atmosphere was strange, it was very small, and halfway between a takeaway and a restaurant. not in a nandos way though, in a 'ive just walked into your very small house and im eating now' way. i dont think ill be going again in a hurry when peri peri is just across the road.

i worked on this face at work on saturday.

we went for a peri peri sunday night. looking at this photo made me realise i went for food with jamie friday, saturday and sunday. thats a bit much isnt it really? he is always talking about fun things on his iphone like facetime and apps. this was actually a brilliant peri peri, everything was perfect.

i have seen so much of this page over the last couple of weeks. it was a rough layout for my fanzine, and as i progressed through i filled the finished pages in pink. if pages were half done they got outlined in pink. this was such a good sight, to finally see it filled out. the zine was ready to go it print.

dj hodgson before the game last night. still wearing a poppy broach. very respectful, but possibly a but dozie?

the first fanzines were printed and good to goooooooooo!

this was my set up at the library last night. all my shit getting printed off and stuck in my sketchbook and i was streaming the second ashes test live. a few lads were gathered around my screen when we took the last aussie wicket and won the match, it was a nice little moment. i was talking to an indian lad about how good and classic test cricket is.

i love frozen cob-webs.

and frozen trees!!! look at the colour of the sky too, it just looks cold. what a day to accidentally grab a balled up pair of black socks off my bedroom floor thinking they were my gloves and in effect leave the house gloveless.

are you a fucking prick bruv? as if natalie didnt cook me up some cottage pie, yorkshire puddings, steamed broccoli and asparagus and drop it round. are you fucking duuuuuuuumb very MOOOOOOOOOASSHHHHH.

well it feels great to be up to date, and thankyou everyone for the support on the facebook fanpage, if you people reading are not yet fans, please follow this link and like the page for updates and exclusives and stuff.
as ever, thankyou for reading.

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