Thursday, 21 April 2011


so my little view counter thing on the right hand side about halfway down last night reached 20,000. i remember it was roughly on 10,000 at the start of the year, and i installed it around july last year. either way, views are coming in thicker and faster than ever before. i noticed around 50 more hits from when i checked first thing in the morning until around midday today, and i've just checked again and there is around another 80 since then. thats mental shit.

i just wanna say thank you. in my dream scenario there are more anonymous readers than before, not just the same people refreshing the page over and over again waiting for an update. i know that a lot of people have been reading for years, and have been very loyal, and also a lot of new people are starting to regularly visit, be it from facebook or word of mouth. i just want to say cheers to everyone for helping me reach (roughly) 10,000 views this year so far, and please keep looking and reading.

this is how i feel.

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