Wednesday, 6 April 2011


people are leaving my life left right and centre. its mental. .

do you know how big these malteaster bunnies are? one could comfortably fit in your palm. 65p is so steep. remember the days when you could go to the shop with 50p and be fucking buzzing? set for time? 2 for a £1 is meant to sound like a bargain.

HHH is in a film now. ive had this photo on my phone all week and as the week has gone on I've wanted to see the film more and more. i bet some well funny shit happens in it.

had the work lads over for pizza. it was a kind of an unofficial leaving party for jake, but he didn't even show up.

that evening andy (on the left) quit anyway, so we raised slices to him. we watched a few volumes of UFC ultimate knockouts, and then 'very bad things', with christian slater and cameron diaz. its really funny if you have never seen it.

that guy who always uses the laptop to chat to someone over skype in subway left his lappy unattended. i wanted to rush in and type "the last 2 years have been a joke loooooool as if i would ever love someone over the internet" then run out.

billy is finally going into the army, so we had a few drinks for that/his birthday which was a couple of days later.

this was at about 11 o clock. he was really steaming, struggling to walk. you know how hard those stamps are to get off your hands? fucking good luck in the morning.

kyle was sick in the street.

waiting to go out saturday night me and john were fucking around with some cards. i cut the pack and looked at a card, and tried to tell john what it was using the power of telekinetics. he got that shit right. me and him were pure hyping. its fucked because after staring at him for about 5 seconds i knew he would get it right. i bet we couldn't do it again though. #askaaronandbenbecausetheywerethere

like we said in the podcast, max has moved to london for a job, so we all went out for some leaving drinks. we went to this one place where they served a cocktail in a hollowed out pineapple. i cant remember what it was called but it was kind of hawaiian themed.

they played 80's pop. club tropicana, dont you want me baby...that sort of thing. the drink was wicked, white rum and still rubicon passion amongst other things.

everyone was on them.

blake's more a stella or carling kind of bloke.

some woman had one piece of fishnet stocking FUCKING KEYRINGED to another bit on her arm. she was old enough to know better. i think goths have fucked it. they have gone too far to turn back and realise they made a mistake when they were 13.

"yh we can all wear them 2nyt. wil b sik lol"

we went to mosh. every time i go there i remember why i never go there. its a dive, that sells shit drinks, plays shit music and is full of shit people.

we did our best to make the best of it.

jimlad got a bit emotional, it was all a bit much.

max's instructions for a good final night out were followed to the letter, and we ended up in sophbeck. they played 3/4 good reggae songs, 'a milli' and an outkast remix but aside from that the music was shit. . the floor on the upstairs dance floor seems to be getting less and less safe. me and john were chilling downstairs in that seating area bit and you could see the ceiling bending with the people bouncing on it. it was mental, looked well unsafe.

jimlad got involved in some hype, and got taken away in a police car. moving on.

with a few people in and out there is a new line up for booker for summer 2011. besides from me and keiran, this is the team. (L-R: travis, jason, zac, sasi, simeon, ryan and dillip.)

i went to the polish shop yesterday and got some nice biscuits. the ones at the bottom 'tutku' were fucking unreal. there was a chocolate spread in the middle, and the biscuit had a nutty quality. top stuff.

thats it really then. billy has gone to the army, max now lives in london, one of the really sound full timers at work has left, and andy and jake; two of the real booker lads have both left. soon ill have nobody!

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