Tuesday, 12 April 2011


easy all, its been a pretty good week. the sun has been shining and as we know that means that life is niiice. my uni deadline is growing ever closer, and im getting more and more into doing less and less.

i dont have any money to buy a new hat. this looks pretty sick though innit? it will catch on, ive just got to set pace.

the boys in fluorescent yellow were watching over the park making sure nobody was smoking illegal, yet completely harmless drugs. they soon fucked off and then everyone started smoking crack and slitting each others throats.

it was seriously hot, like argueably as hot as its been all weekend and this guy was in a thick hoodie and a leather jacket. looooool

remember the other week i said about how the cashpoint at the garage did £5 pound notes and ive not seen it anywhere else before? well there is your other example of how wicked-land blog sets pace in britian. one video hyping fluff and everyone is buying it. people are fucking setting up shops to sell it.

our boys at tesco were reading through the other week, seen that i was onto something and now they are popping up all over the place. aaron told me that RBS are on it too.

it says 'char, dont lose'. she lost it. :(

a load of us went up to vicky park in the week to chill. i got a little barbecue on the go and made red pepper and sausage sandwiches. i fucked up. i didn't spend 88p on some cheese slices that would have just made them the best.

they were still pretty good though.

aaron was bike riding. dont be fooled and think that is the end of the story for this photo. oh no. across the pavement on the other side of the road is bin bag lady. i haven't seen her in a little while, and she is still about. this is later on in the evening on that really hot day. she was still wearing bin bags in that kind of weather. i cant imagine how hot she must have been.

'yo bro, you wanna buy a little white chocolate goat to go with your polish lager beers?'

dominoes pizza guy getting his dinner from royal chicken and pizza. imagine if his boss caught him. hoo hoooo

this is that guy who they suspect shot two guys on that submarine, killing one of them. the sun were on point as ever, making sure that anything to do with gun's had the phrase 'rap music' crow barred into the article.

i got a photo of this saturday lunch time pure buzzing thinking animals always go down well on the internet. everyone loves lolcats and that.

so i get home, and the first thing on my top news is sam taylor posting this picture up on facebook and getting my fucking props. i thought wicked-land was coming back. i thought this picture would spell a new era and put WL back on the map, but instead, almost everyone who see's the picture will just be thinking 'old news, keep up mate.'

spent the weekend at booker and at vicky park.

it was ice lollies all round. we all accidentally got a different kind of lolly each. i kept it real with a twister, you know how i do.

booker boys were in attendance.

natalie went mental sunday night and made loads of fajita's and salads and shit like that. she is a deep cook. i know she will be reading this buzzing out, but seriously, fuck her, I'm not writing it for her. she fucks shit up in the kitchen. i was so hungry that i just stood up and ate in the kitchen, making wraps and nailing them.

normal chilling mexican dinner style seemedereeeee

jack is a madhead guy. fuck the whole blackberry or iphone debate, jack carries both. he will talk on ping and bbm. he said 'one for business, one for pleasure'.

i won £300 pounds on barca beating shaktar tonight. it was evens, so i put £300 on, got £600 back. pretty happy, but i was pretty sure it was gonna happen so now the final whistle has gone im wishing i put more on!

i opened my mum and dad's fridge and felt really upset. unless ive just been to asda, i never have a plethora of snacks in my fridge. usually just milk, butter and a lot of space. i think since i moved out, the extra money my parents have has all gone on things like profiteroles, crunch corners and savoury eggs.


for people who dont know i used to write a weekly wasteman/wastegash of the week item. someone from the public eye who if you found out tomorrow that they had hung themselves you would want to throw a party in the street. past inductees include the little prick faces of christiano ronaldo, russell brand, beth ditto, amanda holden, vernon kay and frankie boyle. the list goes on and is punctuated with other detritus of society. well it went away for a bit because i was forcing them out by the end, not really choosing people who i really hate, but I've had some time to stew, and I've been thinking.


the puerto rican piphead prick, as i would rather call him. i hate this twat because of his features on songs. one decent club song 2 years ago, that was only ok because of the production and now you cant get away from his stupid accent filling up the 5th 8th of any pop song in the charts. i hate him. there is no place for him. he personifies the meaningless rap segments in those kind of songs.

'Mami got me twisted like a dread lock, She don't wrestle but I got her in a headlock, Yabba dabba doo make a bedrock, Mami on fire (psssh) red hot, Bada bing bada boom, Mr. Worldwide as I step in the room, Imma hustler baby, but that you knew, Tonight is just me and you'

surely this was not the music he set out to make when he started off? bald, round headed twat. his voice makes me want to strangle the dj playing the song.

(his hands are two W's, for Wasteman of the Week) yeeeah yeeaah enjoy it mate.

thankyou for reading, ill get some drawings on soon. cheeeeers!!!!!!

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