Monday, 18 April 2011


yooooooo. not a lot to report for this sort of section, i cant think of anything thats not below. ill go straight in.

collected my winning for the barca game. pretty buzzing.

did this with a carrier bag.

did this to a sock. it pissed me off. ive had a sock with a hole on the heel for weeks now, and everytime ive picked it up ive just put it on and kept it on because ive been in a rush. meant to throw it in the bin every night, but forgot. so i picked it up the other day and got so stressed that i just ripped it like this. felt great.

there is a new barbers on narbs that has far to much space. the property is too big for what they want. in other narbs news a greggs is opening up. im in 2 minds. its nice, but well overpriced.

you want to buy juice?

spotted these on the shelf in some europe supermarket down the end of narbs. didnt even know they existed. i asked the guy behind the counter and he said they dont sell the black grape one :(

holdtight my eyes. spotted a little bottle of it. this is still, not sparkling. ive never tried it before. to be honest, i wasn't in the mood for it, and it wasn't very cold in the fridge so it didn't taste great, but it did taste exactly the same as the normal one, so im going to get another bottle and pure chill it and get in the mood. i bet its great when done right.

went to chunky chicken. a food establishment where few things are the price they are actually listed as on the menu, the staff are ridiculously stupid and you have to share company with people who ask where shevchenko is when watching braga play dynamo kiev.

edit: found out today that shevchenko went back to kiev, and is having a pretty good season, scored 14 so far. my bad.

but they do have a little sink and that to wash your hands in after the meal. fair play, they have pulled it back.

there is a new bulmers. it doesn't change the fact that bulmers is shit, and also it doesn't explain any difference between this one and the original bulmers.

they have these pure elaborate bottles of whisky in one of the polish shops, they are around £22. glass dragons and shit like that.

jamie snaked me and got a white chocolate lamb from the other polish shop. he has not yet ate it. however, they are now only 50p, and that's an offer that is hard to refuse.

honestly, who gives a shit? so people believe she has become an angel? how do they believe this with no proof? how can people honestly believe that that is the case? go on tv, be really racist and then you get a brilliant after life?
then there is some twat professor saying "souls are stuck in heaven. angels have the advantage of caring for those left behind." HOW THE FUCK DOES HE KNOW THAT?!!?!? professor in complete and utter inconceivable bollocks? this is not news.

it got sunny while i was at work, and i had to make some make shift sunglasses for the ride home. i thought they were kind of arty and nue wave.

sleeping burke.

as you probably saw below, me and john hosted a barbecue the other night. my first sandwich was a peppered steak with ketchup, cheese, bacon and salad on it. fuck me it was unreal.

i got drunk and bent my key trying to open a bottle of wine. i tried to use my from door key. i dont know why.

i shown kim my shit dogs t-shirt that i got from singapore years ago, she wanted a photo with it on. and for the eagle eyed viewers the answer is yes, that is an office series two script book on the side.

sleeping burke.

new line by rowntrees. i can imagine these to do extremely well. more so than the recent rowntrees release 'randoms' which are genuinely known as a bit of a laughing stock and a waste of time amongst shopkeepers and wholesalers.

a little freddo is 20p now. i know right? used to be 5p back in the daaaay.

more new shit. ive had the toffee ones, they were pretty good. gonna smash the chocolate ones tomorrow. to be honest im not expecting a lot. they look like they would be a bit dry. on sale in tesco buy one get one free.

I've fucked it and missed the start of Britain's got talent. this poor lad is getting called scruffy, and the best he can do is liken himself to one of the most hideous mammals ever to grace the earth. good luck mate.

thats it then really! im going london tomorrow until friday so ill try to do some good shit to post up. enjoy the sun that is meant to be out next week and thank you for reading!

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