Tuesday, 30 August 2011


yo yo yo yo, again, sorry for being long. i've just been super busy this week. need to do more drawing because i enjoyed that update.

bikers boys make their own rules.

how nice? i have a really nice pair of green gazelles that i love so much. white and blue goes with anything. trying so hard not to just buy these.

when i seen this woman taking this picture i was laughing thinking 'why would you take a picture in a fast food place?' then i realised i was taking a picture of her. then i realised that is all my life is. then i cried.

this is one of the new weirdo's in leicester. they add one every few months just to keep birdman and bin bag lady happy.

jimlad said that he was walking out of burger king once and shit asked him for 20p towards a drink. he had nearly a full coke left over and offered it to her. she replied 'i want coffee.' looooooooololol

double header in one day. wow.

did some technologing with bradley. exciting stuff. swapping files over, facetiming max, pretty shower shit. #thefuture

i made a little old woman in a bonnet out of a carrier bag and some tj's containers. earlier, i was looking for the pen that i used to draw her face on with and couldn't find it. i just thought now that this would have been the last time i used it and looked next to where i was sat when i drew this face. i foooooooooound it!!!


this little loud spoilt twat child was pissing me off so bad. i was in sports direct, so its already an unbelievably stressful situation, but this little arsehole was whinging about not getting the happy meal toy she wanted. proper pretending to cry and moaning. i wanted to toe poke her in the temple and get her to shut the fuck up.


i went out for a few drinks with some of the lads on friday night.

poppy told me she reads wicked-land and asked for a shout out. here is that happening.

we went to some 'house music' night at rockafellas for a bit. oh my god. people do mad stuff with there hair now. someone said to me a while ago, its all fun and games while girls want to shave a bit of their hair off, but what about when it comes to the time for them to grow it back? they are gonna have to go through a fucked time.

a fucking nike tick? stop fucking begging it. how far is it going to go? we already have people who purposefully try to look like tramps because its supposedly cool, what next? go clubbing in a wheel chair? fuck it.

long islands wrote off a couple people steehuullll.


doesn't this just look delicious? the picture on the box is making me want to buy it even more and eat it. seriously what sort of poverty tramp would even consider buying this shit? because its cheap? just have some chips and a sausage from the chip shop. neither are good for you, but at least you know the chips are cooked fresh. dont eat arsehole and eye sausages, cancer hammy bacon and whipped hydrogenated hen's miscarriage. fuck that noise.

watched the thumping getting given to arsenal by man united round georges. the arsenal boys were not feeling to be honest.

you have to close your eyes and touch a bit of your face if you dont like it.

i ordered a taxi sunday night. instead of them miss calling me, (which i deem to be an acceptable form of communication that has worked for years now) the taxi driver text me. i wasn't in to it. a little too personal for my liking. dont you think? am i wrong?

saw the shittest thing i've ever seen. it was behind the cloak room counter in liquid.

i got stupidly pissed really quick, ruined max's night, met sox on the way out and went home in a taxi. fuck my fucking life. i cannot stress how much i was looking forward to seeing sox, let alone the rest of the bill.

charlie adam earns a lot of money. charlie adam earns £60,000 a week. sort those fucking teeth out. i was gonna make a joke about him getting them shaved down so they look like a saint georges cross but then i remembered he is scottish :'(

speaking of english, you should buy this england watch. advertised in the sun (lool obv.) you can pay nothing now, and it comes complete with the words 'courage' 'pride' and 'SUPREMACY' engraved in it. jeeeeeeeesus christ there is no rules anymore is there.

thats it. thanks for reading. im so so hungry so im going to have some beans on toast. ooooooh, im really looking forward to this. cheers!

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