Monday, 22 August 2011


moooooorning!!! a nice early one today. or at least I'm writing this early. not sure if i'll put it up early, so it might be midday or something, either way, hope your monday is going ok. here are some things that i have had the pleasure of enjoying over the last week.

so natalie and my mum fucked up the darnce in the kitchen. they made some idiot spread with bare meats, home made little sausage rolls, quiches, loads of nice salads and breads and shit like that. it was proper shower.

i saw a guy with a fucking HUGE head in wagamama's. that same one.

that night i went to the cinema with natalie, rose and byron. we went to see the inbetweeners. it was really funny, a good way to end the whole thing i reckon. funny throughout.

saw some girl in an angry birds hoodie. is that what its become now? clothes and the clothes you wear say so much about your identity, and she decided to go for a little game on a phone? she had a fucking sony erricson anyway (l---hooooo-sseeeerrrr) so she is playing angry birds on somebody elses phone.

seen these two twats in town sat on the floor playing a song and singing. poverty bastards. literally begging, but clearly not homeless. the lad was doing the main vocal and she was doing his backing. they were shit. i hate seeing these kind of twats, get a life. or a real gig at a pub or something. just fuck off.

speaking of two twats in town, me and frank bought some headbands. frank put his on and said "oh sick, i look like nadal or something!" it was a buzz out moment.

i love these boards.

natalie treated me to a nice breakfast at twoten. she put mustard on her fry up. dont really think thats the one, but i cant be a condiment dictator. (i hate condiment dictators.)


we seen some different style (kind of) shower car up vicky park. when i first saw this i was hating on it. now I've had this photo on my phone for a week i really quiet like it. like a little pimping car or something.

this was friday, when it was duuumb crazy hot. like silly nice. this guy was fully blacked out, wearing some baggy black jeans and a coat. i dont know what the fuck he was thinking when he got up and got dressed for the day.

imagine they are proper hysterically laughing. or swearing. "OOOOH FUUUUCK OOOOOORFFF!!!"

lolz at the little dot nipples on the bottle of the ball bag. hahaha. wicked. it looks so wicked and stripped back, like whoever put it up was rushed and had to make it so simple and quick.

this is simeon the grinner from work. always grinning. when i took this picture i started laughing and explained to him that the way he grins just makes me laugh. he said 'people complain me "why do you smile?" and i say... "default"' LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!! he is rapidly becoming one of my favourite booker boys.

this is an idiot guy who works in big johns. so thick. he has one of those punchable faces where he constantly looks as if you are having a go at him. kind of with his eyebrows arched at the ends.

the other day, not only did he point blank ignore me and sam and try to let this other guy jump in front of us in the queue, he fucked up my order. what a fucking mongol.

if you go into big johns pissed out of your head, jump the counter and smash his little useless face in. i personally will give you £3 sterling.

the pizza was nice none the less, we watched it as x factor started.

i chilled with jason after work yesterday. put a bet on the football, got a little greggs on the way into town.

we saw the subway free wifi being taken to new lows. people literally sat out in the street using it. poverty in the u.k. how shameless.

met up with jimlad for a nandos later. i like the way that in my life nandos is slowly but surely replacing a sunday dinner. i kind of think roast dinners are over rated anyway. everyone bums them off, and the more i grow up, the less they become my thing. i like my sisters chicken roast, but thats about it to be honest.

the new tango adverts are really nice. pure cool illustration shyeeeeet.

the sky is proper blue today so I'm going to try to have a good day to go with it. i just got a text, it was mikesh saying he can play for our 6 a side team tonight. its a start to a good day innit?

cheers for reading as ever, ill post something up tomorrow!!! byeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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