Saturday, 6 August 2011

B. I. (phone) N. G. O

aaaaaaaaahhhh fuuuuuuuuck man, im in a bad mood. i honestly cant remember the last time i was in a mood as bad as this. just had one of those shit days. fuck this bullshit, here is wicked-land.

so i got an iphone because i smashed up my other sony erricson. the camera was brilliant, but yet again, it did not really perform as a phone. but yeah, iphone hyping now. i had a massive mexican takeaway with my family the other day, pure food. it was sick.

my next door neighbours are selling there house. i dont know if we have drove them to it or if its a tactical move. either way, they are selling up. i cant imagine its much fun living next door to us. they seem like a right snooty pair of twats too.

once, i was out hanging my washing up last summer and they had just finished dinner and had some cheese and grapes, for a desert. (i want to show them chocolate cake and blow their fucking minds.) anyway, they were in turn taking pictures of each other with this little plate of cheese and grapes. gaaay shit.

a street light was getting it wrong the other day. i spoke with hof about how when you were younger they provide a lot of entertainment in the form of writing on them, climbing them, throwing tires over them and trying to pull the wires out of them.

this guy in big johns had a little weird metallic green fly on him. his girlfriend saw me take the photo of it too. they had half price pizzas there this week. it was mad. i got a 9 inch one for something like £2.50.

the next day i went round to darryls to record the final track for my next mixtape. darryl is a music guy. he goes by many names. most know him as either boy kid cloud; the dubstep producer, or darryl reid; the front man of these furrows.

many, many people have seen both of these aliases many, many times. when we record grime music together, i get to see him as jo soap: a.k.a mandana, and not a lot of people get to see him like that. this is a rare photo of mandana.

you get what I'm saying now innit.

for some fucked up reason, bare ladybirds were jamming on my fence. i couldn't figure it out, like ladybird are not like flying ants or greenflies when you know a certain time when a lot of them come around are they?

i drew on a cd i burned for kyle with some funny pictures.

i went to bingo last night too, with jamie, max, jamie's sister mairi and a couple of her friends. it was massive, that was my first impression.

none of us even come close to winning. in a room with probably 300/350 people in this bloke won twice, and his partner won once. out of about a dozen games. good for him innit?

we drew some pictures on the back of the used sheets to try and rectify the evening. above, thats max poking out from behind the birthday dog. below on the right is jamie with his blue eyes playing on his iphone.

they had a leaflet just in case you were getting too into bingo. i was chatting to a couple of regulars, they were so annoyed with our presence. we were having fun, and they hated it.

i was asking one of the women on the next table just how often she comes and stuff like that and her friend piped up and jokingly said 'he's a bit nosey isn't he?' so i responded by telling her that if i won i wasn't going to give her any money. she said 'that's ok, you look like you need it more than i do.'

ooooooooooh the bitch. i bet she would stab herself 1,000 times with a sharpened bingo dober to break free from her loveless marriage and have my youth. but she never will, because that's impossible. enjoy it.

the peri peri dream team were all together, behind the counter to cook us dinner that night.

it was bradleys birthday. i think this might be the first ever photo of a 22 year old bradley. happy birthday mate!!

a quick note: max is not playing the game and looking at the camera because he really really sunburnt his nose. it was all red and peeling.

ALSO!!!!!! the bloke in the global gathering post was actually the grime mc chronik. he looked so much like him, and ive since seen footage of him on stage working the crowd during tempa t's performance.

we asked him if he was chronik, her said no, maybe he misheard. im gutted, because i would have loved to have spoken to him. he is one of the cult ones (like D double or tempz before everyone knew about them) rather than one of the actual good ones.

as ever, thanks for reading, ill post up soon. i might just go to sleep, then todays done innit?

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